Angel Baby dress/top finally gets modeled

GD finally visited today and tried on her new top. She loved it.

Awww how cute! She does look very happy!

That’s adorable!!! Great job. :slight_smile:

:smiley: She’s so cute!!! As is her top…that looks like one of the ones that I want to make for my granddaughter :smiley: Did u find the pattern in “Circular Knitting?” (or, maybe it’s called “Knitting in the Round,” I’m not home to check!)

Aww, very cute!

Pretty! :thumbsup: You did a great job!

So cute and it looks like she is in love with it!

Thanks everyone for the compliments.

Yes, Rebecca - the pattern is from Knitting in the Round book. The Plymouth Kokonut yarn is no longer available so I had to settle for an untextured yarn. I wanted it to be completely machine washable anyway.

:smiley: I thought that was the same one…I love it, my gd will love, love it…I think I will just have to make her one :wink:

I think Caron or TLC now has a textured yarn that may be used, but I can’t remember if the gauge and fiber content were as close as the Lion Brand Baby yarn. I think it is Caron Simply Soft baby yarn that I saw at Herrschner’s.

BTW, the Lion Brand Baby yarn and Bernat Babylash made a really soft combination…that’s what GD liked so much. I like that they are machine washable and dryable.

Very sweet. What a pretty girl! Nice job.

Soooo cute!

That’s cute!