Android app?

Any update on ETA?

I saw a request for beta testers on FB. I’m not sure how long ago that was.

Oh! I’ll send him a msg. I entered an application…

Cool. If I figure out what OS versions I have… sigh

Look for the “About” your phone or tablet. It will say 4.1.2 or some other OS #.

I also sent in an application. I wonder if I’ll be selected?

We’re in the process of beta-testing the app and we’re working through some bugs and video issues. So we’re getting very close to officially launching the app. I will be posting an announcement on the forum and on our FB page when the app is ready. I am hoping it will be ready before Christmas.



Yay! Santa brought me a Samsung Tab 3 8.0 a little early… :woot:

Not that I mean to sound annoyed or naggy, but what’s the ETA on the app now?

Hi guys,

Sorry I have not been around much lately. Been knitting and stuff.

I love this forum so much. Is there a mobile phone application?


Thank you Chris. But no forum app yet. I’ll wait. I hope at least it will be mobile-friendly soon so that l can share pictures more easily and won’t have to enlarge the page everytime. :inlove:

Keep up the good work team. :thumbsup:

There is a knitting help app for Android phones, but it’s for the videos and help. I have the iPhone version and it’s great!

There is no “forum” app for either platform that you can view the forum itself. I’ve never seen Sheldon mention it so I doubt that is a possibility at least any time soon.

Wouldn’t it be good if KnittingHelp was compatable with Tapatalk. It runs on both android and ios. I have the pro-version and have used it with different forums in the past. Had gotten away from forums for a while so haven’t started using it again but it was easy to use as I remember it. This is the link for the site owners Just a thought.

Tapatalk is new to me. It seems I could even install it on my computer. Does it have ad blocking? I block video ads, popups, and other really annoying intrusive ads.

I bought the pro version for my android it was, for me, expensive for an app I think it was between $2-$2.50. The pro version does not have ads and it has more options than the free version. Unfortunately it has been so long I don’t recall what those options are. :smiley: Sorry I’m not more help.

I may install the free version just to see if it works with the places I visit. You already said it doesn’t work with KH. I don’t object to all ads, I object to ads that want to take over my computer, videos that use up my band width, things like that.

I totally agree about the ad and pop-ups they drive me crazy too. If I accidentally add something that ads take over than that gets removed very quickly. I always do custom installs to my computer so I can try to not install the extras like toolbars errrr. :smiley: