And what is the KH June KAL?

Ok, it’s June first and we are waiting…:pout:


June is the birth month of Marilyn Monroe. In honor of her, this month’s KAL is the Marilyn Monroe Bag (link goes to a .pdf file)… very cool felted bag, perfect for stash busting, or those of you who made out on the Noro sale! :slight_smile: It is a “bogga-esque” bag, measurements are 36-24-36 … marilyn was a hot mama!![I] [SIZE=1](and she wasn’t 5’3", if you get that reference :wink: )
If she were alive today, she would be 81 years old… would she sing happy birthday to george bush???

other interesting facts about marilyn.

happy knitting!

Ohhh! Cute!

Oh cute, Hild!! I haven’t knit a felted bag in awhile! :thinking:

Very cool! Hey, I’ve been to that yarn shop in the pattern/picture (I didn’t buy anything :pout: )

And I got your reference :wink: :rofl:

oh i am definatly going to do this! i have my noro, and i have done a booga, but i like the idea of this! ( plus june is my birthday month too ) thanks for this KAL! [FONT=Courier New][SIZE=1][COLOR=silver](sorry i never did the tree sweater very sad … bad knitter!)[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]


why the :pout: Deb???

that kinda makes me go :pout: too. :pout:

Why is it called a Marylin Monroe bag?

I did want to join in this month, but felted something is nearly as scary as sock knitting. I’ll see you all in July!

Marilyn’s measurements were 36-24-36, and if you look at the pattern, there’s a 36-stitch rows on the sides of the mitred triangle and 24-stitch rows for the bottom of the triangle.

Ohh I see, clever! I wish I had measurements like that!

Allergic to wool and can’t make anything felted…:pout:

i printed the pattern today! i am hoping to cast on this week:happydance:

debinoz- i would think you could still knit this, i would use a good stiff yarn ( for sturdiness ), like hemp, or cotton, and just use smaller needles and knit it to size rather than bigger to felt to size, KWIM? :heart:

Are you allergic to all animal fibers?? Maybe if you did it out of something else it wouldn’t be so bad. (i don’t know if I’d be able to felt something that’s angora though :help: )

She’s a brick house.

:slight_smile: That’s okay… I’m happy now. Oldest dd decided she would much rather celebrate Johnny Depp’s birthday, so I’m gonna “try” to whip her up a pirate bag. Maybe next month!!

ohhhhh somewhere in the KAL forum is a post about a double knitted pirate bag. It’s AWESOME. (I started it during international pirate day last year.)

ETA: here it is!!!

Thanks, Hildi! I thought about doing that bag, but I have never double knit before. The design I had in mind used intarsia, I’ve not done that before either. So, I tried to convince her that it was also Dave Navarro’s birthday (her best friend’s cousin) this month and it would be much easier for me to knit a dishcloth or something with a chilipepper on it… needless to say, I’m stuck with the pirate thing.:lol:

help! i am a bit confused! i cast on 22, knit in pattern for 96 rows, and bo. now i am supposed to pick up/knit on 36, pm, 24, pm, 36 then knit in the next pattern. so my question is, when i p/u the stitches, is it 36 on the long side, pm, 24 on short end, pm, then 36 on the other long side?? or am i supposed to fit all thos p/u’d stitches on one of the long sides? :shrug:

ok. tip: after knitting the side rectangle, you pick up those 96 stiches along one long side with the Right Side (the one with the VVVVVVVs ) facing you. i did it wrong, and now i have to rip back the whole thing minus the side piece:doh:here i go again… unfortunatly this bag is going to have to sit things out the next couple of days, as i have another more pressing knit i NEED to get done asap:thud:

how’s it going everyone?? I started mine. It’s been on and off the prioroty list!!!