And we thought the cats were bad?

Ok I’m VERY upset but I managed to NOT kill the dog! Last night my mom and I knitted while watching the movie Failure to Launch and I had gotten up because the movie was over and set my knitting in my bag next to the couch. About a half hour later, my sister comes running in with my once WIP sock and what was left of my knitting needles and ball of yarn.

Evidently, Boomer, our purebred lab that is 9 and a half years old and has NEVER showed interest in my knitting, got bored and decided my knitting bag was the place to go. Here are some pictures of what is left of my sock, my beautiful brittany bamboo knitting needles and my yarn from my secret pal. I think I’ll still have enough yarn to do ankle socks as I wasn’t really that far into the first sock. sighs

~danielle~ :crying:

Gaaaahhh! :shock: I know the feeling! My dog ate one of my bamboo needles, too. She’s done that with toothpicks so I think she just thought it was a big one. At least she didn’t hurt my sock. That’s pretty yarn!

Knowing how food driven Lab’s are I can’t help but wonder if maybe you had been snacking while you were knitting? Could there have been the faintess scent of her favorite food on what she chewed up? If so that would explain(but not excuse)her naughty behavior. Thank goodness your WIP wasn’t 99% completed. At least your ball of yarn looks as if it can be salvaged. If she ever shows any attraction to your knitting bag again spray the outside of your bag with “Bitter Apple Spray”, one taste of that deters most dogs from ever trying an item again. You can buy it in any pet supply store. I have used it with my hounds with great success.

My deepest sympathies… my cat unravels things… and does a really great job winding around legs of chairs etc. The bitter apple really does work- Even on cats… I’ve sprayed my yarn bag & it has kept Miss nosey out of it and has detered her from getting in it to drag out yarn… :XX:

Uh oh!!! I’m glad you were able to salvage the yarn. Ohhh and bamboo needles are the best kind (and the worst kind for the dog to have picked to chew up). Poor darling. I bet she got a stern telling off. Eek!!

Having a very food-oriented 12-year-old yellow Lab–like MrsH–my first thought was maybe Boomer smelled something tasty on the yarn or needles.

Last week, I left my knitting bag in the livingroom and went to the post office. When I got back my knitting/yarn was strewn from the bag into the kitchen. After sifting through everything, I found a chewed up paper that had once enclosed a Lifesaver mint that had once been at the bottom of my knitting bag. Apparently Abby sniffed it out. Lucky for me, she only chewed the mint and not my knitting. :wink:

awww…I’m so sorry about your sock…the dog IS cute though…sorry about the needle too–Brittanys are my favorite! :heart:


So sorry for your loss, He is a cute doggy though. :crying:

I know it’s maddening but…then they look at us with those big beautiful eyes and thump their tall at us and…it’s as good a reason as any to buy more needles. :lol: My youngest son’s Australian Cattle Dog ate one of my bamboo sock needles while I was babysitting, so it’s not just labs.
Nikki, with a 3 yo black lab snoring on the sofa behind me.

Oh no! Bad doggie! I just had to chase my kitten out of my knitting bag. Your yarn is so pretty too, I hope that you’ll still be able to use it.

Yeah I figured I had better add a picture of him because he is cute. He just likes my yarn! He must of seen the ball as decided “a ball, let’s play”. The sock just happened to be attatched and he took the time to unattach it for me and all the while clean his teeth? I don’t know. I’m going to do some ankle socks as I’m sure there is enough yarn for that.

I just had to remind him and myself how much I LOVED him. Silly puppy!


Actually my babies are/were hounds, Sparky is a almost 12 yr old Basset Hound, and Bubba(RIP) was a Beagle. The lab’s I have know and loved I worked with, one was a bomb sniffing dog, and the other one sniffed out drugs. They were 2 of the best law enforcement officers I ever had the privilege to work with. They were very good at helping me keep my weight down, those dark soulful eyes, and glad to see you grins on their faces always earned them haft of my lunch. Those happy days seem like a lifetime ago now, when I was a cadet radio dispatcher, when I was still in high school. Helping to care for the department’s K9’s was one of the best parts of my job.

Ack! I’m glad it’s not a total loss and you’ll still be able to make ankle socks! It’s a good thing he’s so cute! :wink:

How has my dog got into your yard?

Sorry about the wool and needles but it’s the only thing Sam Pup goes for.

I mean that Sam just loves twigs and sticks from out the garden - no matter if he’s got a ton of treats, he still prefers muching on a twig. From what other Lab Nuts tell me, it seems our lovely black beasts can’t resist a twig or two - and I know for a fact that Sam cannot tell the difference between a twig and a 5mm bamboo needle.

All the Best