And The Funniest City Name Award Goes To.....Toadsuck, TX! :o)

[FONT=Arial Narrow]Yes, Virginia…there IS a Toadsuck, TX. I saw someone on Dave’s Garden with that city name and asked if it was for real. I thought my mom lived in a wild sounding town: Gun Barrel City, TX, but I’d say TOADSUCK, TX has got that beat!!!:teehee:

The person from Toadsuck TX posted this link on Dave’s Garden: He/she also said this “[FONT=Times New Roman]Where my house is now I lovingly call the “trountry” ya know, where the town stops flat and the country begins…according to history, my house just about sits right on top of that old saloon site.[/FONT]”[/FONT]

[FONT=Arial Narrow]This is what the above link says:[/FONT]
[B]TOADSUCK, TEXAS[/B]. Toadsuck, originally called Toadsuck Saloon, later became part of Collinsville in western Grayson County. Settlers arrived in the area in the late 1850s, and in 1869 a townsite was surveyed near Toadsuck Saloon, then located a half mile southeast of what is now the site of Collinsville. The town of Toadsuck took the name of the saloon. It may have been named by John Jones, an early settler and mill owner, after the city of Toadsuck, Arkansas. According to legend, the name was originally a reference to men consuming liquor until they swelled up like toads. In 1869 William (Alfalfa Bill) Henry David Murray,[SIZE=-1]qv[/SIZE] who later became a notable Oklahoma governor, was born in Toadsuck. The Texas and Pacific line was built within three quarters of a mile of Toadsuck in 1880, and by 1887 most of its businesses and residents had moved to the tracks. The railroad town was named Collinsville when it was incorporated in the 1890s.
BIBLIOGRAPHY: [I]Ancestors and Descendants: Grayson County, Texas[/I] (Sherman, Texas: Grayson County Genealogical Society, 1980). Frank X. Tolbert, “Tolbert’s Texas” Scrapbook, Barker Texas History Center, University of Texas at Austin.
[I]Lisa C. Maxwell[/I]

[FONT=Arial Narrow]If you know of any other INTERESTING city names, please post. I love those![/FONT]
[FONT=Arial Narrow]:woot:[/FONT]

:roflhard: :roflhard: Cool info, too!

Haha that’s pretty funny. Here is VA we have a township of Bumpass !

I always thought Pahrump Nevada was a funny sounding name

We have Two Egg, Florida. A little bacon and some grits and there is breakfast!!! Love Toadsuck though!!! :roflhard:

That’s better than Intercourse, Pennsylvania!

No Way! Is that really a town?!? LOL! I know what THEIR favorite passtime is!


Yep. It’s real. Bet their population is booming!

There is a small town in Ireland in Donegal called Muff, they also have their own diving school - causes no end of hilarity. They sell t-shirts etc though so I think they can trade on it


No way that some of these can be posted… :teehee:

There is a Sugar Tit in Kentucky, as well as in South Carolina. There is also a Beaver Lick and a Big Bone Lick in Kentucky. :shock:
Oh, my, I can’t believe I’m repeating these!!
It’s all pretty funny… If you want to have a good laugh with more of these crazy names, click here. (I especially like “Pee Pee in Pike County, Ohio”) :rofl:

Lol, when I read the topic heading, my first thought was all of the funny town names in PA. :slight_smile: One of the most amusing things is that most of them are Amish towns.

Can’t you just picture this? You are on a ‘service’ call that ends up somewhere in India and when asked for your name, address, etc., would they ever believe it? Maybe, because they are in another country they wouldn’t understand? Don’t count on it. This is too much. And, I thought, when living in Northern Cal Rough and Ready was funny. :rofl: :teehee:

These are streets not city names but I thought they were funny. When I went to the mannings in PA I had to drive on a street name peepee drive. And I think this is sorta funny for FL ( Because they have a lot of palm trees) We just moved to Fernandina beach FL and we live on Palm Bluff Drive. I just thought it was funny. If you don’t that’s fine with me. Lol

I’ve been to Bangs & Noodle, both on the band bus during football season when our son was in school. Bangs is also where one of the Nashville Star contestants is from. I’ve also been to Flower Mound, New Boston & Paris.

On a road trip to Ohio last month we went through Lebanon, MO; Cuba, MO; Pocahontas, IL; South Vienna, OH; Dublin, OH. :happydance:

My favorite name has always been Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump, Alberta Canada.

according to the link jan posted, toad suck is in arkansas, not texas :shrug:

It is as far as I know. I just looked it up on Google Maps and included the TX as part of the search and it still shows it in Arkansas. Either way it’s a goofy name.

I think Tina Turner was born in a town called Nutbush and somewhere there is a town called Christmas too, I think…

but there is this


but it was Manley Hot Springs, AK that made me lol!

We have Licking, Mo…lol…But, I think the best of all is in Austria…F***ing, Austria :roflhard:

F***ing, Austria Info

And at Snopes