And she stood in awe

I got a copy of Lynne Barr’s new book "Knitting New Scarves"
and I M doing the one that looks like interconnected coins (Twisted), and my middle D came in and just STOOD there. Finally she said "Wow, mom, that is SOOOOO cool"
now, don’t get me wrong, she has appreciated my work before, but this time she was litterally awe-struck

SUCH a compliment to me and to Ms Barr.


Awwww…how sweet!

My dd has not reached that point yet. You are a lucky mom!

heheh–I hear the pause and emphasis in your words! Hysterical, and congrats!

that is awesome… I remember when I was new to knitting I was at my daughter’s, she sat and nursed my granddaughter and stared at me. I finally asked what was wrong… she said nothing… she just thought that it was awesome the way string and 2 sticks make patterns.

I was wondering about that book… now I’ll for sure have to check it out…