And I'm back for help, round II

Hello all!!

OK, I’m back for more help with the fur scarf from he**. I’m stock on pattern instructions. Can anyone help me please?

Here is the pattern so far: (I CO 32 sts with the fur)

row 1: join cotton and P to end. Turn
row 2-5: cotton, st st beginning with P row (rev st st)
row 6: cotton, K to end of row. Turn
row 7: fur, P to end of row. Turn. slide work to other end of needle for access to cotton.
Repeat Row 1-7 9 more times

K2tog 16 times (16 sts)


apparently, posting is where I get confused too. :aww: sorry.

So, here is where I get confused:

the next instruction says:

For this narrow section, work 5 row sets, keeping the 2 row purl section with fur in middle the same, but working only 2 rows rev st st in cotton to separate fur stripes.

Now, the 3 row purl section is row #7, 1 and 2. How can I have two rows of rev st st and still keep a 3 row purl block with fur in the middle? AND, it wasn’t in the middle before! AAAKK!!

Can anyone help me with this? I can’t screw it up, it’s for a friend and she bought all the supplies and thinks I can actually knit this!!


hartley, I knitted up a 5 stitch scarf following the directions given :slight_smile: and here is what happens: You get a three row section of the cotton in rev St st (RS)and then you get a row of the cotton in St st on the RS and a row of the fur next also in St st on the RS, then another row of the cotton in St st on the right side, then 3 more rows of the cotton in rev St st.

So you are getting 3 rows of rev St st in the cotton on the RS and then the St st comes to the RS for 3 rows and the middle of those is the fur, then another 3 rows of the rev St st in the cotton.

I think what they want you to do when you are down to the 16 sts is to keep it going the same way, but to scale it all down a bit. So now instead of 7 rows in a repeat you only have 5. So this is what I think happens:
Row 1: Purl in the cotton, turn.
Row 2: Purl in the cotton, turn.
Row 3: Knit in the cotton, turn.
Row 5: Purl in the fur, slide.
Repeat the 5 rows.

For this narrow section, work 5 row sets, keeping the 2 row purl section with fur in middle the same, but working only 2 rows rev st st in cotton to separate fur stripes.
I think by this they just mean you will now work in sets of 5 rows instead of 7 and keep the St st section of 3 sts the same with the fur in the middle, but cut the alternating sets of 3 rows of rev St st down to two.

But the thing that concerns me is the row you throw in to K2tog across. It seems that would throw the pattern off. Which yarn did they say to use for that? Maybe they want the sides to switch in this section. I mean, want the RS to become the wrong side? :?? What does the picture look like? Is the side with the rev St st bits all on the same side all the time? If so then you will have to use your head there at the transition to keep everything on the sides they belong on. Either way it seems the K2tog row might mess things up, and you will have to think to get everything as pictured.

I hope this helps you figure out what you have to do.

Marigold, you come to my aid again!! Thanks!

OK, the way this pattern works is that you carry the fur up the side until you need it and then you purl it on whatever side it’s dangling from. every other time you have to slide your work to the opposite side and work the fur. Somehow, it works out. The fur is very prominent on the RS and not on the WS so I know I’m doing it right. My concern is that the author of the pattern talks about setting the fur in a “pearl bed” so the fur has to be flanked with a row of purling. This supposedly helps to push the fur forward on the RS and makes it more prominent. I’m knitting everything except one row per set with the cotton, The K2p’s were cotton and I think I left out one instruction out because I already had done it. After my 10 sets of 7 rows, I did a knit row AND THEN the K2p’s. Does that make it better? I have no head for this, I can’t visualize things this way.

So if I do it the way you say, I won’t have purls on either side of the fur. What should I do?

The funny thing is that my friend says “I want to pay you to knit this for me” HAHA! I’m doing it because I love her to death, there isn’t enough money!!! The fur keeps getting up my nose and makes me sneeze every time!! HA!
Is this the one you’re making?

OH MY GOSH YES!!! I couldn’t be more shocked even if you actually had a picture of me sitting on my couch knitting it!! YES! How did you know? I never would have thought anyone else in the whole world would have known about that pattern!!!

So, have you knit it? What should I do now? Did you get fur up your nose too?? :slight_smile:

You guys are unbelievable!!!

Well, the fur is surrounded by purls on one side and the fur is a purl row as well on that side. Maybe the side with the purl row of fur surrounded by the purl rows of cotton are the right side, and I just thought the other side was the right side. :eyes:

You know what I think, there is not a big reason to change the size of the little strip, if you wanted to you could just do all of it the same way, just making that part of the scarf narrower. If you are able to figure out how to keep things on the proper sides doing that I’d let well enough alone.

It is a bit tricky to know how to make things fall on the correct sides when you swap knits and purls around all the time. You might try making a tiny swatch/scarf of only 5 or 6 stitches and try one thing or another until you get the right look, and write down what you did for each row to achieve that. To tell you the truth, you have me mixed up. :eyes: :oops: about where you are and what is what. But the right look is what is important, so if you can figure out how to get that all is well.

Maybe Mirl is going to know better what you are up against. Good luck.

I have me mixed up too. I’m so sorry!!! I can’t do the same because the stupid kit came with just enough yarn and I’m scared to change anything because I don’t want to run out! I can’t get any more of either without ordering another kit. Actually, I’m not totally positive about that but I don’t want to have to find out.

If Mirl doesn’t know I may try to get the designer on the phone. Either that or there is a person on Rav who was one of the designers for this company, maybe she will know.

Thanks for the great suggestions, I’ll try to goof around with it until I hear back from Mirl!!!

Did your friend pay $120 for this kit? :ick: No wonder you are a little freaked out. :lol: Yeah, if you changed the cotton sections between the parts with the fur you might use up the cotton slightly faster. I hope everything turns out and your friend is happy with her scarf.

Yeah, that’s the kit! She has several pieces by this designer; jackets, capes, a sweater too I think. It does seem like a lot but it’s really soft! I just really want to get done with it and have it be as good as I can make it! Thanks!!

I’m bumping this a little so see if anyone else can help me with this…

Pretty please??

“For this narrow section, work 5 row sets, keeping the 3 row purl section with fur in middle the same, but working only 2 rows rev st st in cotton to separate fur stripes.”

Now, the 3 row purl section is row #7, 1 and 2. How can I have two rows of rev st st and still keep a 3 row purl block with fur in the middle? AND, it wasn’t in the middle before!

The ‘fur in the middle’ part doesn’t mean on the middle sts, but the middle rows of the row pattern repeat. Those were rows 7, 1 and 2. But you’re only going to do 5 rows with the 16 sts instead of 7.

Oh, gosh, no - I haven’t made it. I can’t aford it! the ‘real’ fur yarn fascinates me and I have to go look at the website every so often. I just figured that must be the one you’re making from the description of the fur and cotton and the fur running up the alternate sides.

I have to confess I’m a bit confused too. Does the scarf start out 7" wide, get narrow to say 5" for a bit then back to 7"? That how I envision what you’ve described so far. and it sounds like the cotton striping sections get narrower too?

I would think you’d be ok if you keep the last cotton row a purl, then purl the fur, then purl the cotton. Maybe like Merigold suggested make a sampe scarf using 2 colors of whatever yarn you have in your stash, one color being the cotton and the 2nd being the fur.

Mirl: Yes, it is wide, then narrow, then wide again. The fur is so soft but it’s frustrating as heck to work with. SUPER slippery and it’s like knitting with a bag over your head, you can’t see what you’re doing, you have to work by feel.

Suzeeq: I’m so sorry, I’m so dense. So, if I do only 5 rows instead of 7, what do I take out or does it really matter? You can’t see it, the fur covers it all. So, just do like this:

row 1: purl cotton
row 2: knit cotton
row 3: purl cotton
row 4: purl cotton
row 5: purl fur

that would put a purl row on either side of the fur like the designer describes (rows 4, 5 and1) and put a rev st st section in there too (rows 1-3). Does that sound right?

I tried knitting this as a swatch with some fun fur but, honestly, it behaves so differently from the real fur that it wasn’t at all helpful. The whole point of the cotton knitting is to push the fur forward and pull the cotton back so that on the RS all you see is the fur. I would imagine the one K row would keep it from curling and maybe that’s why it’s there?

I want to knit night and day until this is done. I just want to be finished and get on with my life!

Thanks so much for the help! Should I just proceed as I said above??

Take out 2 of the cotton rows. It says “but working only 2 rows rev st st in cotton to separate fur stripes” and the fur stripes stay at 3 rows. 3 +2 = 5. So instead of 7 rows you’ll have 5



Yeah, it’s an idea to knit this on some other yarn; you don’t need to use fun fur, you can just do it with two different colors to get an idea how the striping of it works.

I haven’t taken the time to read back all the way, but I think there is just one row of fur.

Nope, I think she mistyped in the first post and there should be 3 rows of fur in the 5 row repeat, only 2 rows of the cotton.

There is only one row of fur per section. Sorry, it wasn’t a typeo. I’m going to try to call this woman I found on Ravelry who used to be a designer for this company. Maybe she can help. It’s not the striping that really matters but how the rows function to push the fur forward. It’s a horribly written pattern all the way round.

I’m sorry that this is so hard to make clear and it doesn’t help that I’m trying to write all this and think with my two obnoxious kids driving me nuts at the same time.