ANCHOR or nautical pattern

I am interested in knitting a few bookmarkers for the holidays or birthday gift to put into a card. Nautical theme is what I am trying to find.
The internet has not found any but keeps wanting me to bookmark their pages…LOL…

Thank you,:waving:

Anchor is pretty easy to chart out - I just did up a quick graph in excel. You can adapt it to the size you need. I can pm you the graph - I will pdf it for you.

Scroll down for an anchor chart here


Wow, wonderful and a big, big thank you to you.

Hi, I just printed out the anchor you made up in a graph. wonderful and off to knit it up in crochet cotton. thank you.

The bookmarker,
Your graph…
K 2 rows
then when the anchor starts…
K2, Purl across K2.
then on the row back do I knit it all
Then K2, Purl 5, K1,P5…

Yup, you’ve got it! Basically you are doing the pattern in SS, and using purl bumps to create the pattern. You can use the chart this way, or use the darkened squares as a color change and do the whole pattern (inside the border) in SS.

Now you are creative using another color. I will write out your instructions. Very much appreciated. I am using crochet cotton but would atype of yarn be better to show the pattern? I am having trouble typing as two fingers got caught between garage door sections as it came flying down and I was trying to stop the door. My neighbor is away and wanted the trash taken out, my fingers were taken out also. OUCH…

Ouch! Sorry to hear that! Hope it won’t affect your knitting time too much Crossed Fingers

Most patterning like this that I have done I have used worsted weight yarn, but I would think any yarn would work if you are using an appropriately matched needle size.