An unexpected reward after a really bad day

For those who don’t know, I work at a treatment facility for women who’re either pregnant or have small children and are trying to get out of using drugs, alcohol, etc. Most of them have extra felonies.

Anyway…there’s one girl among our clients who’s always testing our patience in all possible ways and today she tested the last nerve on the three of us working the afternoon shift.

She decided to change her baby’s diaper right on the dining room table as people where preparing to eat supper.

Now I don’t care where she changes the diaper in her own home, but com’on… Add to that that her baby is actually sick and she was spreading extra germs by doing that.

We called her on it, she got pissed off, then it escalated with her going from annoyed to absolutely blowing up in our faces about the fact that she shouldn’t have to sanitize the table because it was our job to “clean up messes”.

We gave her a consequence (a.k.a punshiment…yes, these are adult women who need to be treated like lil’ kids sometimes. We have to ground them a lot), and she ended up filling out a complaint form on us.

I got home and found out that a service I cancelled a while back (school health insurance) had finally gone through and I’d had a refund on my credit card. Not only did the refund pay off my credit card debt, but it left me with an extra 200 that where deposited in my checking account.

…so I wandered over to Knitpicks…where I bought a few fixed circulars in small needle sizes…and a few EZ books.

I’m shameless…:oo: …

Nope, REWARDED! You did good!

You are not shameless. After a day like you had, you deserve it. Besides, you now have no credit card debt, you had extra cash, and knitting purchases are good for the soul.

That is not an easy jjob. I bow down to you :notworthy:

The upsides of the job are that we get to hold babies and I’m getting an excellent training on dealing with troubled teenagers for when I’m a mom! hehehehe. It feels like having 18 daughters with an attitude and demand smoke breaks somedays.

You must have the patients of Job to do your kind of work. Those girls/women should be so grateful to have someone like you to help them in their time of need. :muah::muah::muah: You deserved a good ending to your day.

Ditto! :notworthy:

What a lovely surprise at the end of such a hard day!

I agree with the others – you must be a very special person to do the work you do.

I’m so glad your day ended on a positive note. I do believe that is God’s way of letting us know that He sees us and understands when we need a break.

Enjoy your purchase!

:aww: :aww: Thanks guys :aww: :aww:
:hug: :hug: :hug: :hug:

I’ve always been interested in all aspects of health care. Probably the hardest place I ever worked at was a refuge for abused and abandoned children.

Working at this treatment facilty is not exactly hard, but it is terribly frustrating. You feel like you’re talking to a wall a lot and the urge to go find these ladies parents’ and shake them for not having taught them about boundaries runs high somedays.

The hardest part are the children, in my opinion. Because they’ve been in the system for a while, and the way some of the mothers are, you just know that the children will end up in the system for a long time afterwards and the risk of them ending up in treatment facilities themselves increases.

This girl that blew up on us yesterday is the second generation in the program. Her mother was there, now she’s there and the way she behaves we fear that her baby will be there in 18 years. We just can’t find the way to get through to her that she’s a mother now and she must get over herself, grow up and take responsibility for her actions. She insists that she wants to get better, but doesn’t have the faintest wish to get a job or follow her treatment plan.
The nurse has talked to her, the counselors have talked to her, her PO has talked to her and she keeps hitting the wall.

sigh anyway…I only have three more months to work there until the hubby and I get sent overseas. I’ll keep hoping these girls make it.

But one thing is for sure…I sure have thanked my parents many times for the way they raised me!