An observation!

This time zone thing is really wacky! When I’m up and checking for new posts I get disappointed to see none, that is, until I realise that most of you are in bed! So when I’m in bed, that’s when you lot are posting which means I have to wait until morning for replies!

Just you wait until I start dreaming about knitting!

Egeria, I know how you feel! :lol:

I dreamed about knitting last night…

I knitted right before I went to bed. First time doing Stockinette. So I was telling myself as I laid down that I have to remember when I go back and pick up my knitting again, it is time to knit this row, and that I"ve already purled a row. So alll night long I dreamed that I was knitting.

Egeria and Salsa, you two will just have to recruit more knitters from your side of the pond! :wink: And I too have had dreams of knitting, at least they were dreams and not nightmares! :smiley:

Peg, I’m in Illinois too!

Regarding dreams: Whenever I get a new knitting book I have to read it cover to cover before I do anything in it, which of course means I am up late devouring every word. After I bought Knit One Felt Too I had a dream that a nude Hugh Jackman was desperatly waiting for me to knit him a sweater, but I just couldn’t seem to finish it… :wink:

That must’ve been some dream Hildegard! :shock: :roll: :lol:
What part of Il. are you? I’m in the northcentral. My job takes me to the Chicago area several times a month. What a boatload of lys’ up there!

Hiya Salsa, great to meet someone over on my side of the world!!

Hildegard, that was some dream! Tell me, did you eat anything in particular before you had this dream?!

Foldedbird now that wasn’t a bad dream! I find knitting nice and relaxing so dreaming about knitting would be relaxing as well!

Lately I just can’t get up in the morning. I think it has something to do with the ‘warm bed, cold room’ syndrome.

Egregia, just a note to say Good Morning!

Salsa, where are you in the Netherlands? I was in Veghel in October. Had a great visit with an old boss and his family.


Mornin’ Jouf! It’s a nice morning although I’m going to be late for work! I just can’t help sitting down and checking out the forum.

Have you ever been to Ireland? I highly recommend it!!

Egeria, Ireland’s definitely on my list. I just couldn’t help but post you a good morning after your observation! Me too - addicted to seeing the forum. Amy’s really created a great site. But every time I see more suggestions for additions to the site, I cringe at the work it creates for her!

Me - I’m working at home today, which means work a bit, knit a bit, check the forum again!