An increase question

Ugh, my turn for a brain freeze.

My pattern here says the following and for some reason I’m drawing a blank:

“[I][B]When the work measures 2”, inc 1 st at each side of the markers 3 times every 6 rows = 120"[/B][/I]

Okay, I get what to do, but can’t figure the 3 times every 6 rows. When the work measures 2", do I increase in the row right then, and then after 6 rows, and then 6 rows after that, or do I count 6 rows [I]after[/I] I get to 2" for the first increase, then 6 rows and 6 rows?

I don’t usually have trouble with this type of instruction, but today I am for some reason.


I would inc at 2", then every 6 rows 2 more times. That should bring your stitch count up to 120 sts.

That’s kind of what I was leaning towards too, but I just wasn’t sure enough. Thanks!