an easy knitting

honestly, I just started to knit and there are loads of things that I still can’t manage to perform. Though I really try hard. I was thinking about how to assist myself and decided to get some simple knitting machine for home usage.
I know of its vast pros and don’t want to make everything with it, just kinda small cheat for me till the day I will have more advanced skills. So far I was looking for knitting machine options and I wonder whether you could help me to choose smth.
anyway thanks
have a nice day

here what I came across recently such models are inconvenient for complicated knitting they are quite affordable and can be used with a beginner as I.

do you use any of these?

Hi and welcome!
Glad that you’ve recently taken up knitting. It’s a wonderfully relaxing and creative craft. Keep going with it.
Most of the forum members are hand knitters so it make take some time to get a reply on knitting machines.

Most people here hand knit so you will get less help with machines.

Watch some YouTube videos by Diana Sullivan and Roberta Rose Kelley. They use a few different machines. I have 4 machines but don’t use them much. If you end up with the cheapest and basic Ultimate Sweater Machine, watch Cheryl Brunette (start with Meet Your Bond—the machine was initially called Bond. A lot depends on your budget. The best and most automated are very expensive. There is a learning curve and it’s not just get one and magic happens. See if there’s a local club n your area. We have one in Colorado Springs. Where are you?


Since you may want to be using your hand knitting yarns, I highly recommend a mid gauge machine. There is an LK 150 from the Studio line of machines as well as the SK860. The 860 is more high end and harder to find as it is not being made at this time, I don’t think. The LK 150 is plastic bed and most of the patterning is hand manipulation. Another option is the KX 350 by Brother. It must be purchased used since they stopped production years ago. It’s spacing is a little bit bigger than the LK 150 at 7mm versus 6.5 for the Studio. The KX 350 is also a plastic bed machine with hand manipulation for most patterns. There are also bulky machines that will handle somewhat bigger yarns but don’t expect a knitting machine to knit the really bulky yarns! About your limit is what you might knit on a size 9 or 10 knitting needles, depending on the yarn. There are some good dealers available and some good used sources depending on where you are located. Be careful with sellers on EBay as many but not all are resellers with little knowledge of the machine itself. The price can be inflated on EBay in my humble opinion as well. I love my knitting machines and do what I call hybrid knitting. I often knit part of the project by hand and part by machine.


thanxs for your detailed answear. It helped me a lot!

Depending upon where you are located , there are still dealers and resellers of knitting machines. I was on a tight budget getting mine and purchased them through If you go this route, expect that they will need some routine maintenance, such as a good clean. They will most certainly need a new sponge bar/sponge strip. YouTube has all kinds of videos to help with that too. has a great website with lots of helpful information. Facebook also has some machine knitting groups. Good luck.