An easier way to p2tog tbl?

Ok, so I’m doing the Butterfly Dress from Rowan in Elann Silken Kydd and the p2tog tbl are killing me, especially since the second stitch on the left needle is a yo. Is there an easier way to do a p2tog tbl than sticking the right needle all weird through the back? I really hope so!

Thank you! :muah:

Nope that’s it, no shortcuts. It’s awkward the first few times, but then you get used to it.

Well I’ll add my 2 cents worth if that’s okay:

P2Ttbl is easier with [B]KnitPicks[/B] [B]OPTIONS,[/B] or any other [U]pointy[/U] knittingneedles.

P2Ttbl’s are the pits with ADDIS! Blunt, round ends and they’re slippery, too! :eyes: Bamboo needles aren’t pointy, but at least they aren’t slippery!

You can do P3tog (the regular one) by purling the first one and then slipping it back on the left neddle and slipping the next 2 stitches off over the purled one… can you do it this way? maybe slip knit wise??? :??