An Awsome Find!

I’ve already shared this news on Ravelry, but I wanted to share with my KH friends as well. I’m just so excited about this deal I got a Tuesday Morning today. I found Atacama 100% alpaca yarn for $2.99 a hank. I was so happy, that I just reached in an grabbed it all of it they had. I’m now the proud owner of 14 new hanks of alpaca yarn. :0) And today Happens to be my birthday, so that makes it extra special.

I can’t seem to get my pictures to post. This is try #4

Congrats on that! The color looks lovely on my screen. Hope you’ll show us your first project with it.


That’s quite a nice birthday gift! Our Tuesday Morning never has yarn, I’ve checked and checked.

Happpy Birthday!!!:muah:

Ooooooo la la! I’m in mad love with your colorway!!!

That looks so wonderful!

I envy you so :slight_smile:

Have fun knitting it


:woot: and :woohoo:and happy birthday! That IS a find. I love Tuesday Morning!

Ooh! Beautiful! I must say, I’m the teensiest bit jealous.:mrgreen:

Beautiful indeed!!!

The colors are beautiful. I never find stuff like this at my Tuesday Morning. Usually they just have some sad, droopy, eyelash yarn. Congratulations on a great find, and happy birthday too!

Happy birthday and I love the colorway! Lucky girl.


That’s why I’m so excited. We have a small TM store, with maybe a little over a half of a row of craft items. Normally, if they have yarn at all, it’s novelty yarn, which is fun, but not really my preference. When I saw this, I had to grab all of it. I ended up with 6 hanks of one colorway, and 8 of another. In the pictures, it looks like they’re all the same color, but there is a subtle difference in the two.

Congrats! Looks like you hit the motherload!!! Love the colors! any ideas what you’re gonna do wtih it? :slight_smile:

Oohhh - lucky, lucky you! It’s beautiful :slight_smile: And happy birthday :slight_smile:

Happy Belated Birthday!!

I’m not sure what I’m going to make yet, but I looked on Ravelry, and a lot of knitters have used this yarn to make Clapotis. I’m leaning toward that myself. I don’t have enough of either color to make myself a sweater. Too bad I don’t have a thin person in the house to knit for. :teehee:

Happy Belated Birthday!! As for the yarn let me know how it works out. I think alpaca yarn is so soft!