An alternate afterthough heel?

I’m wondering if this would work.

I’m knitting a toe-up sock on two circular needles. I’m at the heel now, and I’m kind of bored with the short row heel. I understand how an afterthought heel works and am wondering if I can accomplish the same thing this way:

I’d like to put the top half of my stitches on a holder, and cast on the same amount to be joined in the round to form a heel, afterthought style, but knit right then and there. Kitchener it closed, weave in the ends. Then I’d pick up the same number of stitches from my cast-on edge and continue in the round up the leg with the stitches that were set aside.

Would this work? It would be like an afterthought heel, but I’d knit it when I get to it.

easier than a holder and casting on is this

work to point of heel.

take some waste yarn (pearl cotton is perfect–you can buy hanks or balls for about $1 (us) in places like Michaels)

Drop sock yarn and Knit across the heel stitches with waste yarn.

cut leaving a longish (3 inch tail)

then knit across the these pearl cotton stitches with regular sock yarn

now you have a pearl cotton ‘row’

continue sock.

to work the heel, undo the pearl cotton, and pick up live stiches (top and bottom)

undo the cotton one or two stitches at a time, pick up with 2 dpn’s, and trim the cotton frequently, (to make it easy to undo)

That sounds good too. I tried my idea and it worked perfectly. You can’t tell where the heel ends and the leg begins. It was very easy, too.