Amy's Making Buttonholes Video

I am still working on that intarsia pillow cover, and am stuck on the buttonholes procedure. I watched Amy’s video on making buttonholes, and followed it, but I have encountered a problem. The buttonholes look great, but to the right of each one, there is a bit of a hole and on the WS there is a big loop, which sticks out and causes the hole. This big loop is connected from the right side of the buttonhole to the right side of the stitch (loop) to the right of the buttonhole. What did I do wrong?
Thanks, Stefanie

I was holding the piece upside down. The hole is to the left of the buttonhole. Sorry for any confusion :shrug:

Did you use the cable cast-on?

It may be that if you used the backward loop method, you could have a loop. Hard to say without a pic, though…


I followed everything Amy did. So, whatever cast on she used, I used.