Amy's lifeline using interchangable threaded needle works!

Thanks Amy!!! I just spent several days fixing a problem in lace work because I stopped using lifelines. Thought there were too many stitches on needles and I hadn’t had any problems. Sure wished I used that lifeline now.

Anyway, I started using Amy’s suggestion of threading the small hole on the interchangable needles (the small hole that is used to tighten the needle onto the cable) to pull the lifeline thru as I knitted and it worked great!!! I found some very heavy thread to use that would fit the small hole. It made it so easy. Thanks, thanks and thanks Amy—

I like to use fishing line as a lifeline. You can pick your weight, it’s very strong and ultra CHEAP!!!

I use nylon upholstry thread…

Yeah!!! Fishing line would be even better. Guess I’ll make a trip out to the shed to find that old fishing line. Thanks!! Do any of you guys know if the Knitpicks Options Interchangables have a hole to put a lineline in? Or do they use another connection method? I’m thinking about purchasing.

Yes, there is a small hole where the “key” is used to tighten the screw-on connection. I think it would work for lifelines. :thumbsup:

But those only go down to a size 4; the fixed circs in the smaller sizes don’t have them. What I do in that case is move all the stitches onto the cables and thread the fishing line onto a yarn/double-eye needle and go through the stitches with that. It takes a little longer but can still be a lifesaver.

I think that the thread I used is upholstry thread altho I don’t know. I know it’s old since it’s on a wooden stool. LOL I tried regular double thread first and that didn’t seem worthy.

When I found the error on my knitting and had used no lifeline, I stayed up until 6:30 am ripping out stitch at a time. I estimate that I had to undo about 2800 stitches one at a time until I got to a place I could fix. With lace, you are always at risk when ripping out of dropping more stitches as you go. GRRRRR Lifelines are my friends and I think I will never go without again.

Great, glad to see this trick being used so enthusiastically! I consider it one of my better inventions, and I don’t have a video on it yet. Or on the the other tricks I mentioned in that thread, like using two size needles for easier knitting; someone else just re-invented that in this forum. …Gotta put up videos of it, or it gets overlooked I guess! :lol:

Does the KP set definitely have a hole that goes all the way through? I’ve seen designs where the tightening lever fits in a partial hole. It would be great if that trick works with the KP set too. Modern Denise and Boye Needlemaster sets work, but older antique sets don’t.

The holes on my 40" cable go all the way through (I just have the one cable set).

My 32" cables are the same way.

I do that!!! lol When I’m working on my interchangables (sp) I always put a smaller needle on the left side so that I can knit the sts easier. :slight_smile:

I just got some Options in the mail today to try with my lace shawl (the Denise’s were just too blunt) so I think I’ll try this hint for the lifeline. TY!!

I do that!!! lol When I’m working on my interchangables (sp) I always put a smaller needle on the left side so that I can knit the sts easier. :slight_smile:

Still somewhat of newbie to knitting and obviously missed the original posts regarding this but had to ask…what’s the advantage of doing this? How does this work?