Amy's Knitty Gritty episode airs Friday 12/29!

Amy’s pattern is on KPC … when I clicked on it, it took me to DIY and the “episode”. When was it on ???

It hasn’t been on yet. I think it comes on tomorrow in HGTV @ 10:00 am

I just found this …,3145,HGTV_28316_47375,00.html

It is supposed to be on on Dec. 29th …

LOL, I was just coming to post that! :smiley:

WOAH! News to me!!
[size=6]Thanks for letting me know!! [/size] Thanks Debbie!! :muah:

(Gee, I hope I can find an available friend’s TV to watch it on!)

OK, that’s just weird. Why is it airing on HGTV before it airs on DIY? Is it gone from DIY?

Maybe that explains why I haven’t seen any Saturday/Sunday episodes lately. :??

I’ll have to set some reminders to record it, because I’ll be working that day.

Thanks, guys!

Several of the episodes that HGTV has shown DIY hasn’t yet… :shrug: I’m not sure why… I figured it would be re-runs till they caught up… so I had to set my tivo to record HGTVs as well :rofl:

Hey, if anyone has an easy ability to record it, there have been prior request from members here for people to record it and send it to them. I’m one of them! haha.

It looks like I’ve got it arranged already for my own copy, but it would be reassuring if others recorded it too, just in case! I actually don’t watch cable TV usually, so I’ll have to find a place to watch it next week!

I’ll make multiple copies for the cost of dvd + mailing… I just can’t afford to do mass copies right now. I’m setup with a DVR (already scheduled to record!) and a DVD recorder. If there is some way we could arrange for the cost to be covered, I’ll make as many copies as I can :slight_smile: I’ll figure out the cost of postage + DVD – I also have other new episodes if people want me to fill disks up. They hold 2 hours, so I could get four episodes easily and I’ve got the whole week’s worth of new episodes set to record.

I’ll post as soon as I find out costs. If I weren’t nearly broke I would just cover the cost. I can send out a couple, but no mass mailings :wink: I’ll find out later today how much it costs to mail a DVD in a decent envelope (probably about $5 for the disk, envelope and postage would be my guess).


In the past, I’ve just requested a blank DVD in the format I use; the postage evens out because the person has to mail it to me also. :shrug:

Here are the pattern links:,2025,DIY_14141_5188449,00.html,2025,DIY_14141_5188405,00.html

The first is on KPC and the second is in my queue of links to add.

Congratulations, Amy!

:cheering: :cheering: :cheering:

Amy, you ROCK! And I can’t wait to see your smiling face!!! :muah:


i think they did, actually take it of DIY. havent seen it there in a while

Yup, I think it is really off DIY.

I read that they are playing it on both channels, different times and different seasons of shows so there are no repeats.

This is from Vickie Howell’s blog on her website

Want more Knitty Gritty on HGTV?
Hey all! I’m back from L.A, trying to catch up. I promise to update you on how the shoot went as soon as I can. In the meantime however, I have a favor to ask. As you may know, for a limited time only, Knitty Gritty is now on HGTV 5 times a week, with new episodes airing every Monday! If you’re finally getting to see the show for the first time because you don’t get DIY or you’re just happy to have double the KG goodness, please let HGTV know. They’re experimenting with craft programming right now so if they get enough viewer response, we may get an extended run! That said, I’ll heart you forever and always if you’d go to the HGTV website and fill out this form, and let them know that you’re happy about the show being on their network. Thanks a lot!

Knitlicious Kisses,

P.S. For those of you who were guests during seasons 6-8, getting picked up by HGTV for longer would mean your episode would get to air on both networks, too!

P.P.S. For those of you who want to be guests on the show in the future, a longer HGTV run would increase your chances. They don’t air the same seasons at the same time on DIY & HGTV, which means they need double the programming. If the demand is there, then they’ll order more episodes to go into production which would mean we’d need more guests. I’m just saying. :wink:

A few days ago, Knitty Gritty was on DIY. They might have taken it off for a few months just because. I believe they do that every year on the off season. :shrug:

HGTV’s website still says Knitty Gritty is from DIYnetwork, and even has a link so that you can see if DIY is available in your area.

I even found this in my e-mail from DIY - it’s a new online knittygritty channel. DIY’s new online Knitty Gritty Channel So those of you without DIY at home can watch some of it online! :cheering:

[color=blueviolet]:cheering: :happydance: :cheering: Congrats Amy!!! :happydance: :cheering: :happydance: [/color]

Check KPC’s knitting pattern of the week. :teehee:

My understanding is that HGTV and DIY are “sister stations”, so they switch back and forth on what they play. Now, I couldn’t tell you the method behind the madness, I have no idea why one week it’s on HGTV and the next on DIY. I just set up my tivo to record on both and delete the dups.