Amy's DVD/Cincinnati yarn stores

I was talking to one of my best friends from high school the other day and told her i had developed a knitting obsession over the past year. She was SO excited and said that she REALLY wanted to learn how to knit too.

So, since her birthday is next week and i’m travelling to Cincinnati at the end of the month to see her, i thought i’d get her something to get her started. I think i’ll get her SnB as a good background, “how-to” manual (plus she’s fabulously quirky so she’d love the projects), and of course i’ll lead her to this site. Also i’m hoping she can perhaps use SnB to find a knitting group there.

HOWEVER, she doesn’t have computer access from home at the moment, so i was thinking of ordering Amy’s DVD’s for her. So my questions (finally!) are:

[color=blue]Does anyone have them? Do you think that they’d be helpful (without the board as a backdrop) for a beginning knitter? [/color]

Right - my last question is [color=darkblue]for those who live in Cincinnati[/color]… [color=blue]Any suggestions for wonderful yarn stores i could visit??[/color] She loves little shops - and for me? Well it’d be an addiction “fix” :wink:


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OH my! You are in luck…there are so many! The only one I haven’t visited is the one in Hamilton. They are all really nice and each a bit different.

Kenwood Area
Fiber Naturell
9424 Shelly Lane

One More Stitch
2030 Madison Rd.

Knit Happens
3215 Madison Rd.
(currenlty going out of business as of July 2005)

Terrace Park
702 Indian Hill

Lambikin’s Hideaway Yarn

Right across the river in KY:

Knit On! Inc.
301 Fairfield Avenue
859-291-KNIT (5648)

FT. Mitchell
Knit Wits

If its still open by then, you ought to try to go to knit happens in oakley. They are going out of business and everything is 50% off…not sure how much they’ll have by the end of the month but its worth a try.

I like one more stitch and knit on! quite a bit, although they are all nice. Depending on where your friend lives, some of these may be closer than others.

Oh, and I learned to knit from Amy’s videos exclusively. I woud give a big YES to the idea of a DVD.

I found KH in January when I was learning, and I didn’t post to the forums at all until March, I think. I DEFINITELY found the site helpful minus the forums…I would say they are icing on the cake. :smiley:

But just so you know, Amy’s DVD is not available yet from what I understand. The disc she sells is a CD, which must be played on a computer. Your friend wouldn’t need Internet access, but she would need a computer to use it.

Maybe Amy would be so kind (as she always is) to send you a home-made “gift certificate” for when the DVD is ready! Liek a pre-order kind of thing!

Glad to hear talk about the DVD, it’s always motivating for me!

It’s turned into one of those enjoyable-but-endless projects to make it. I no longer have a firm release date for it, since I’ve decided I need to pace myself with it, and let it be done when it’s done! For that reason, I’m not taking pre-orders for it (but good idea Kelly!).

I think she would benefit with the DVD. I am the knitting goddess at my local S&B and when we leave for the day I point them to this website cuz ya know they’ll forget everying I just showed um. So ya get her the DVD and if she has questions she can go to her LYS.

I have the CD, and I definitely think it would be helpful. Does your friend not have a computer at home at all, or just not internet access?

Thanks everyone for the replies!! (Kemp, i have to say i was hoping you’d respond since i was sure you’d know where to go - thanks a million!! You’re a star!! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :thumbsup: )

I’m pretty sure she has a computer, but i don’t think she has internet access… so the CD would be fine.

I think she’ll love it - i’ll give her a tutorial while i’m there… (besides, if she thinks i’m an ‘expert’ she might call me more often when she gets stuck!! ;)) And i can’t wait to hit the Cincy stores!! Yummy!!

I think we might end up going to the Ohio State Fair (a main staple during Aug throughout my childhood) - i think it’d be kinda fun to go there as an adult to see the crafts/spinners/etc… I used to go for the Zipper and other rides, laser shows (!) and crappy food - it’d be so different now… hehehe…


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You are welcome! I was in the store that was going out of business on Friday and they still had plenty of stuff. She said she was sure that it would go into August because they haven’t pulled out the samples yet.

Happy Shopping!