Amy's Cont. style knitting:trying to master technique

As a long time English -style knitter, I have always wanted to try the Cont-method of knitting. I viewed the videos and tried to incorporate this method in a current knit project. After much frustration, I am wondering how long it takes a right-handed person to adapt to this method. I can’t seem to get the thread tension-yarn holding down enough to make this work. It looks like this would really speed up the process, just wondering how long the learning curve takes.

I’m right-handed but started with Conti, so it’s hard to say how long it will take. (I did crochet for years, so holding the yarn in my left hand was natural. And mind you, my left hand is pretty useless otherwise ;).) I do know that I have the same problem knitting English and have to wrap the yarn in a really odd way to maintain any tension at all.

You might try varying how you wrap the yarn in your left hand. For instance, I had to stop wrapping the yarn around my pinky because that wrap made the tension far too tight. I now just pinch it between my pinky and ring finger, and loop it over my forefinger as per the video. How you hold the yarn doesn’t really matter as long as it works for you; I guess the trick is finding which way works. Just play with it, and keep us posted on your progress!

ya … i tried b4 and the tension is too loose… and purl is worse … ha ha maybe i will try again… cos’ i got carpal tunnel so i need to use more knitting techniques so that i can switch method and my hands won’t ache and numb so much … good luck on yours :happydance:

I have to giggle b/c I’m feeling the same way with learning English style. I’m a right-handed Conti knitter, yet holding the yarn in my right hand is like trying to write with my left hand. Very frustrating :wall:

I’ve been knitting now for 2 years, am a self taught knitter, as many of you are. I could not even come close to understanding conti knitting (I learned from a book, didn’t know about KH when I 1st began). And I knit English for a bit over a year. Amy’s videos helped me with my conti knitting, too. I will have to say, that truthfully, for me, it probably took 2-3 months for me to get my tension right. That was because I kept switching back to English knitting bc it was 2nd nature to me, then, one day conti knitting clicked and I’ve not turned back. I don’t think it normally takes as long to get the tension correct if you don’t keep switching back and forth like I did.
I hold my yarn loosely wrapped around my pinky and forefinger.

I’m sure how long it takes depends a lot on the person, but I was basically comfortable with it after a hat, and preferred it after doing a two-fisted two-color scarf. :slight_smile:

Keep at it! I started as a left-handed English knitter (despite being right-handed) and learned to knit Conti about 6 weeks ago.

It really is a matter of sticking with it and trying different methods of wrapping the yarn around your pinkie/other fingers to get the tension even. I learned on a sock, and it was a pain for a few days. But it really does “click” eventually, and it’s worth it! :cheering:

I knit for about two months in English, then tried continental on a swatch, and it fell flat.

Then one day, I don’t know, it just clicked, and now I have a hard time trying to remember how to knit English.

after reading the above… i feel like trying again… maybe knit stitch first…purl is abit nut for me…never seem to get it right… :hair:

well i will never give it up … that’s 4 sure :fingerwag:

Everytime I try continintal method, I end up switching back to english after a few rows, because my left thumb cramps. I know it’s supposed to be faster, but knitting isn’t much fun when it hurts. I do keep trying, though. Maybe someday I’ll be able to do it.

once my friend back in singapore saw me trying to knit continental style and she commented “u look like trying to knit with your toes” that was funny ! so akward !

Knitting Conti is way easier than purling, so definitely don’t get discouraged if the purling is a pain!

I am right handed and started off as an English knitter, but very shortly thereafter I switched to Continental knitting because of the “faster” properties. It was quite easy for me, but I had crocheted before. I think it’s just a matter of unlearning, and learning another way.

As with most things, it just takes time. You may never feel totally at home with Continental knitting, but you can definitely master it.

Side note: Has anyone ever noticed how the way that Amy demonstrates the Conti purl is NOT how she actually performs it? There is a slight variation in the movements, but if you replicate her movements exactly I found that the conti purl was much much easier than how she originally demonstrates it.

I just learned and it took me about a couple of weeks to really feel comfortable but I had it down adequately after a few days. A good way to switch is to do a dishtowel- a small project but lots of switching from knitting to purling. Good Luck. :thumbsup:

Oh go Jeremy! Now we have to get together again so you can show off your nifty new knitting style!

I’m all for it! We posted for a NE knitters get together a while back but we really never settled on a date. We should try for some time in the fall. :smiley: BTW the wedding pictures were great. CONGRATs again.

I’m SO GLAD for this post!!! I’ve been thinking that I’d like to give conti a try because I’ve heard it’s faster, but I didn’t know where to start to learn. I didn’t realize Amy has videos on this site to learn how to conti knit–I’ll have to check them out. Thanks for posting about going from English to conti everybody–you’ve given me the courage to try to learn! :heart:

I’m not going to be any help here… I can’t stand conti. I tried using the videos, no luck. Tried watching someone, no luck. Tried taking a class on conti knitting, and stuck it out for the class project, but I don’t get any enjoyment out of it, so it’s back to right handed english knitting (I’m left handed). Learning continental did make my two-handed fair isle much better though. :teehee:

I am lefty too …but i knit with my right hand :?? … wonder why that …