what about putting a little link down at the bottom of the techniques page (something like "Need more help? Try posting at the forum ") I know you have a tab for it… but I am just thinking (and Ive seen a few people mention they have been on your site for a long time but just now found the forums) that people who new or just not sure how to navigate websites might not know to look for tabs.

[color=blue]another site question… is there a place on the site that you can do a search for a specific subject that has been discussed within the forum? :thinking: Thanks! anne[/color] :sunny:

Yeah at the top under the tabs… there is a SEARCH link… :slight_smile: That will search just the forums tho…

You might be able to do a google search and put at the end of your search query if you want to try to find something somewhere else on the site… :S I haven’t tried it so I don’t know, but I do know the search up there works… I’ve used it a few times

[color=blue]Thank you so much! I knew it had to be there somewhere… :cheering: [/color]

Bloody genius!

Bloody genius![/quote]
[color=blue]Now there will be no livin’ with ‘im! (just kiddin’-- we love our computer folks!) [/color]

Awww shucks :blush:

Nah… I just been using that for ages on other sites… :slight_smile: Wasn’t sure if KH was indexed… but I tried it and it seems to work

Great idea, Nuno! I’ve added the link to a few main pages. :thumbsup: