Amy-site suggestion please

I had sent an email Amy, but not sure if it went through…and then I thought it might be good to get some opinions…so here goes…

I don’t know about anyone else, but I have a hard time keeping up with really long threads like the FO one and the Introductions thread. Of course I LOVE to see everyones FO’s but I think it would be easier to respond about a FO if it was in its own post. And the Introductions - I think it would be cool for people to just make their own post introducing themself instead of in a long thread.

There’s 700+ members now and I think having a few more sections to the forum would be welcomed. Plus, once the t-shirts go on sale…even more people will be signing up here…yay! I just think it would be easier to keep track of things. Just my opinion of course…

Maybe just two or three more sections for now? Like “Introductions” and “Finished Objects” and maybe even a “Polls” section.

What does everyone else think? Am I crazy? Should I shut up? lol

:thinking: Okay…forgive my ignorance…mostly bc I think it was just explained in your post…My gook knittereese (sp?) doesn’t exist…so…FO…this means finished objects, yes?! :??
and it that’s the case…then, yeah…fo sounds like a good idea :thumbsup:

lol… :rofling: …that’s supposed to be GEEK…see, i can’t even be a knitting geek with this terminology bc I can’t even spell geek… :oops:

I agree…since the what-cha knitting and FO threads are so long…maybe a “gallery” board for works in progress and FOs??

I think it is a good idea, too. I end up ignoring those threads now, but would probably read them if they were in a separate section. Either way, love this place!

Either way works for me.

Either way for me, too…I think people will naturally seek out the kinds of posts they are most interested in, no matter where they are.

I love the idea of a gallery section/catergory for FOs!

[color=green][b]maybe it would just be easier if those types of posts were all “Sticky” and sort of separated at the top of the forum.

I am adding a screen shot of what i am picturing in my head sorta. just a little divider between the sections so we can see the ones that are always on top, the ones that only Amy posts on, and then the general free-for-all

(sorry about the obvious political screen shot…just was the only forum that popped in my head that would illustrate what i meant! :blush: [/b][/color]

Hi Jivewhistle!

I did get your email. Sorry, I started writing you back, but then that question got me thinking and I couldn’t finish the email. Same when I tried to reply to this post a couple of days ago! This topic has come up before, and it’s a tough one!

I see your logic, and there are pros and cons to both ways. I just can’t decide!!! :wall: I feel like by making more forum threads, we’ll be “expanding the building” of KH, and it will stimulate more posts. This sounds like a good thing, but then I sort of like that right now I’m mostly able to keep up with stuff (barely!). It’s easy to check in with a “welcome, introduce yourself” thread, but won’t be as easy with a whole forum on the topic.

On the other hand, people will probably get more welcomes from other people if it’s in it’s own forum, so it’s a tough call. Newcommers may feel more welcomed by others, and enjoy that area.

Same with FO’s. Is the priority to keep up with posts easily, or to encourage more posts?? I know you all are faced with the same Q, not just me. Do you like to keep it easy to keep up with, or would you rather see more discussion in these areas???


I would rather be able to keep up with the amount of posts we have. I don’t see the need for separating out the finished objects. It seems like we have a couple threads going that could be combined, really. We’re able to choose which page to go to on the thread, so it’s not like we have to slog through ten pages to get to the last post. It doesn’t seem necessary to add another category.

Oh, see I think it would be easier to keep up with if things were a little more separated. And I’m sure alot of people are like me…they don’t check the forum all the time, every day. So…when I check the FO thread and see something really cool on page 10 that I’d like to comment on…and it’s already up to page 18…it seems kind of pointless. I guess I could just keep doing what I’ve been doing and pm people if the thread is too long by then.