Amy, site suggestion if I may!

On videos where it doesn’t really matter if you English or Continental (the only ones off the top of my head are the CO’s, but there are more I am sure) maybe you could but a different color background? No big deal really, but sometimes I go to look up a video and I see the pink and quickly think “Darn it! That is continental, I don’t know if that will work for me” . I quickly remember that it doesn’t matter and watch it

Just a thought :smiley:

I considered that, but I was afraid a third color would appear to be a different method altogether, and would add to the confusion. For a while I was using both icons, linked to the same video, but I didn’t want people waiting twice to watch “both” videos if they were really the same one.


OH! I know!!! I’ll do a single icon that’s got both pink and blue! YES! That’s it!!!

Thanks Nuno!! :slight_smile:



Okay, I need input…

Which icon do you like better?

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i have another suggestion:

maybe you could start a forum for showing off knitting project in process or complete? i would love to see what everyone is up to. on craftster there is a pictures sunday forum where everyone posts pics on a sunday and the thread is dated. that way you don’t have to jump around too much, you can just scroll down and see everyone’s accomplishments right there.

Amigarabita, that’s a great idea! I’ll probably keep it within this forum, at least for now. We could just start a new thread every week. What should we call it? Maybe “Sunday Show-and-Tell (1/23/05)”? Something like that?


I checked out …What a fun, creative site!!!

oh wow! you hadn’t been there before? it is a haven, eh?

i think it started as part of their general forum too. that would probably be best here too, to gauge reaction and get people to know about it. i’m glad you like the idea. i’ll try to kick it off this sunday, but no promises. my sister is 2 days past her due date and in a freak accident my mother just broke her left hip and her right foot. sheesh. what a week!

Oh no, I’m sorry to hear about your mother’s accident! I hope she recovered fully, and isn’t in pain! Best wishes to your sister!

Yeah, that site is just so creative and wild. I can’t get over the “plucked chicken hat,” or whatever it’s called. It totally looks like a plucked chicken! It’s soooooo funny!!!

Your signature quote (‘the only currency is this bankrupt world is what you share with someone else when you’re uncool’) reminds me of the movie I just saw, Napolian Dynamite. It seemed like the whole point of the movie was about being yourself, and being genuine, whether or not you’re cool. At first I couldn’t relate to the characters, because they were so absolutely uncool! LOL! But by the end of the movie, they became endearing, and I appreciated the “message,” and their integrity as individuals. It was a good movie, and funny!, in it’s quirky, modern way. I don’t watch TV, so I don’t often get much of a dose of that kind of humor. Deadpan to the point of absurd.