Amy: How are you doing?


I have been wondering how you are doing with the new keyboard and after your visit to the doctor. My thoughts and prayers have been with you. I hope you are doing better.


Love the new picture of you knitting.

Hi Christine!
Thanks for the well wishes!

Well, mounting the keyboard under my desk has helped a lot! It’s also been good for me just to not be on the computer as often. (Hence my conspicous absense lately; even missing posts with my name in them! :blush: oops! LOL)

It’s proving a bit difficult to change my posture habits though, which are part of the problem, so I’m not as healed as I’d like to be yet. My arms and wrists definitely feel improved, but I’m not sure how much of it is the anti-inflamatory herbs I’m on, and how much of it is genuine improvement. In a nut-shell, I’m doing the exercises my naturopathic physician is having me do to improve my posture, and I’m supposed to get massage work (poor me LOL), but haven’t made the time yet, although I think I will soon, because she’s convinced me it will help a lot.

I’m glad to say that I’ve been knitting a lot, and gardening a lot, with no discomfort! Just still minimizing computer time, since it’s the most aggrivating activity still.

:heart: Thanks for thinking of me!

Glad to hear you are doing better! :happydance:

i have been thinking about you lots.

I have been gardening too much . . . and my carpal has come back. Both hands have been numb quite a bit. but the gardens look fantastic! I even have a new small water feature. The birds love it. I can’t wait for the gardens to be done, so I can sit in my rocker and knit.


I’m so glad that you’re doing better Amy! :slight_smile:

Amy, have you tried a good chiropracter, in additon to (not to replace) your other things you are doing? A good one can really do wonders, and teach you alot! The one I use has these big ole rubber band things that he has you use for stretching. Believe it or not, even my jock kids use them to stretch their shoulders after swim practice.

In addition to lowering your keyboard, make sure you raise your chair too…you want your legs to be at right angles, and alot of times people put their chairs too low and end up contorting to compensate for that.

Thanks everyone! :heart:

I miss you all so much, it’s so nice to have a hello and nice thoughts from you! xoxo

Christine, sorry to hear your carpal tunnel is bothering you. :frowning: Hope it gets better! Glad you’re garden’s happy! :smiley:

Kitkat thanks, yes actually I’ll be calling a new chiropractor this week and scheduling an appt. with him to get my upper back adjusted, because that too is a contributing factor according to my doctor. My upper back is completely flat instead of curved, and that restricts the room in there too, so I figure I might as well go the whole distance and try to correct everything that can help.

I have a curvature (not noticeable, but according the the chiro its pretty intense) right around my bra line. When I go in, they are always amazed at how tight my neck and shoulders are, especially the mouse-using side. A good chiro can really help ya!