Amusing Truckstop Knitting

Since I already wrote about this on my blog I’ll just post a link instead of duplicating it.

You’re helping spread the madness!!!
Goooood boy!! :slight_smile:

I love reading your truckstop stories, Mason.

:thumbsup: I agree! :cheering:

That’s so cool! Maybe the truck stops are going to have to start carrying some yarn and needles! :teehee:

Wouldn’t that be cool?

You are just having tooo much fun, Mason.:woohoo:Maybe you could teach a Trucker Knitting Class at the local Truck Stop & Yarn Shop!:roflhard:

Thanks. Due to the nature of our business a class wouldn’t be practical, but perhaps a beginner’s knitting book specifically written for truckers wouldn’t be such a bad idea.

I’d say that’s a very good idea. You could include a list of knitting-friendly truckstops, yarn stores on trucking routes, storage and bags handy for the road, etc. :thumbsup:

Ooooo you’re on to something, Diana! Like how we’re making work for you, Mason? :teehee:

I think that’s a great idea!

And did you you that you can have your blog printed into book form? I can’t remember which publishing company does it, but they have software that will pull the text off of your blog and you add the pics. Or maybe it will pull the pics off, too.

Anyway, keep writing! :smiley:

Like I don’t already have enough to do :rofl:

I watched a story yesterday on the news about a college professor that was teaching a class via You Tube. So I was thinking that you could do the same: “The Virtual Truck Stop Knitting Class”. :slight_smile: I’d watch.

That’s not a bad idea but I’m hardly skilled enough to teach and besides, for a video I think someone less ugly would be a better choice :rofl:

Oh, pish posh, you are not ugly! Actually, I have no idea if “pish posh” is appropriate here (I’m not sure exactly what it means) but I’ve always wanted to say (or write) it. :slight_smile: Anyway, I don’t think you have to be all that skilled for the show to work. You are a funny, personable guy knitting in a truck stop. That’s why people would watch.
Maybe you’re show could focus on beginner knitters?

Pish Posh


Maybe you’re show could focus on beginner knitters?

It would pretty much have to if I did it :rofl: