Amount of wool needed

Hi, I would like to knit a baby blanket and substitute the DK wool for Aran. The pattern calls for 150-200g of dk, how much aran wool would I need. Thank you.

Have a look at the paper strips around the yarn, it will give you a length as well as weight. I would assume that if the aran is the same length of the DK you should be fine?

DK is on the lighter side of worsted weight (about 22-24sts/4 inches) and aran is on the heavier side (about 16sts/4 inches). Evie’s suggestion to look at the ballband for your particular yarn is a good one. You might also knit a swatch with the DK and see what gauge you get. Since it’s a lighter yarn, you may want to add sts in order to get the width you want.

Thank you for the replies will definetely do suggestions :blush::blush: