Amost done with a sweater for me!

I am nearly done with a sweater for me. I rarely knit things for myself and I am proud to say this sweater is looking great. The sweater is knit side to side in one piece. So far I have knit from one side around the back to the other side and the arms. When was knitting the arms from the sides the pattern had me place the fist 53 sts onto a holder (for the right front) then with a new strand of yarn knit the next 53 sleeve stitches. Then repeat on the left side. My sleeves are done and sewn together and now its says:
Working on the right side pick up 190 sis for this section as follows- place 53 sts from right front holder on needle - continuing along the upper edge of the back section, beginning at the right sleeve underarm [COLOR=“DarkOrange”](working on the inner loops of the outer sts), [/COLOR]pick up 84 sts evenly along the 110 rows [COLOR=“darkorange”](pick up the first 2 rows and then repeat - pick you 3 rows skip 1 row) [/COLOR]- beg at left sleeve unerarm, plave 53 sts from left front holder on needle.

I do not understand how to pick up working on the inner loops of the outer sts – is it like picking up sts for the gusset on socks?

This is the website if you want to look at the sweater.


Normally you put your needle through both the loops at the edge to pick up stitches, but in this case, they want you to only pick up the inner one–putting your needle between the two strands at the edge. This will leave a nice little ridge along the edge.