Amish-made hair pins

Scroll down the webpage…those hair pins are AWESOME for long hair etc. They work great and made in USA! :yay: Only $3 per a pkg of 12! I’ve been using them for years - I just bought 2 more pkgs (lost some from moving, needed to replace them…)


ps: I’m a Pagan/sorta Wiccan…I don’t mind their religion…

Hmmm, interesting. I let my hair grow in the summer so I can wear it up. What length do you buy?

They come in one length, I’m gonna guesstimate 2" long. I just put my hair up with my two remaining amish pins…my hair is past “armpit” length. I love that they are “invisible” in your hair, very light, very comfortable etc. I have and have tried many hair toys including hair sticks (some from France, even) wooden hair forks, Good Days hair pins etc ad nauseam. These are my favourite and ironically, one of the cheapest!

No, they come in 4 lengths it says. Look at the pull down menu - 1 5/8, 2, 2½ and 3. I’d probably go with 2½ or 3; my hair is about midback and when I use plastic ones I only need a couple to keep it up.

DOH! lol

Don’t worry, just blame it on your hormones…

I spent a lot of my formative years in Pennsylvania Dutch country.
I didn’t know you were Pagan/sorta Wiccan…me too…I don’t mind their food, the deserts at least. I was raised on it and started making Shoo-Fly Pie after we moved away. Can’t stand saurkraut anywhere near me though, one thing me and my father agreed on but were out-voted.

Since I fought the bald and the bald won and my hair is now kept about 1/4" I don’t forsee a use for hair pins. :slight_smile:

Mike, my husband is a bit bald too - he shaves his head (easier for cycling anyway) it’s ok…

I contacted Plainly Dressed customer service asking to change my order for 2.5" pins…

I’m confused by the Amish having a website.

lol yeah, maybe they’re mennonites or different Amishes? Hrm.

btw, I also love France Luxe their products are well-made (not cheap though.) these are kind of the Cadillacs of the hair toy world, I was on a group order once to get one but the person running it took our $ and ran (I got refunded by Visa) I am still sad I never got my Ficcare. God, those things are $.

Different bishops and different Amish orders have different lines they can or cannot cross. If they don’t technically own the site, it is often approved technology. Their primary intentions are to keep their lives simple and to keep the focus on the family. If you’re interested, I strongly recommend this book I had lived around the Amish for years, but this book helped me understand them.

Where have I been … I never knew there were so many “hair thingys” available … and I have long hair that always has a “thingy” of some sort in it !!!

If you have a Sally’s hair care store near you, they have a plastic hairpin that really holds. It is shaped like the old fashioned , squiggly plastic hairpins but there is an extra squiggle inside which makes them hold better. Comes in a choice of clear or brown.

Oooh, even better, there’s one here in town. I have one each of the plastic ones from two sets that I got years ago, lost one from each.

Is that a Good Hair Days pin? I have a mess of those, they do not work as well for me…my hair is fine and finicky though. The Amish pins are uber cheap though, which makes me :slight_smile: as nearly every other hair toy I covet is NOT cheap.

I really can’t remember if they had a name on the package, I just know they are about 2 1/2" long and hold my hair really well. But I have course, wavy hair so maybe they won’t work for you. I was going to try the Amish pins but I got sticker shock when I saw the shipping cost.