Amigurumi Patterns?

I hope this is cool to post about crochet on the knit side but…

I was wondering if you guys would mind posting the sites of some of your patterns or where you go to find some.

on a side note…
Im making the Lion Brand Best Bunny for my kindergarten class easter party and would like to find a cute duck and or chick.

But I want other patterns for other times. My son has taken a fancy to them and wants me to make more. And how cute of a stocking stuffer are these things???

If i know myself tho…after i make a few of these. I get the “how to” and start making my own…but im not there yet so…

thanks a mill!!

You want crochet patterns? I did a web search. I found these.

Since you’re already doing one from LionBrand, I expect you already know there are more there.

Also try knittingpatternscental and crochetpatternscentral.

I’ve always wanted to make some of these patterns (in my spare time :teehee:)

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