Amigurumi help


I’m a bit stump doing a project from the Hansi Singh’s book “Amigurumi Knits”

In doing the head of the octopus, she instructed to cast on 4 stitches on 4 DPNs. Knit the first round. The second round, the instructions were to *KRL, K1, repeat from * to end of round - making 8 stitches.

The problem I have is that KRL = 2 stitches from the first stitch from round 1, K1= second stitch from round 1, the second KRL = 2 stitches from the third stitch from round 1, K1 = fourth stitch from round 1. In total, there are 6 stitches, instead of 8… Is my math wrong?

It could mean knit right loop, then knit the stitch, knit right loop then knit the stitch etc. That would give you 8sts total. I originally thought it might be cast on 4sts on [I]each[/I] needle and increase every other stitch, but I think that’ll make it too big for the size of the octopus.