Amigurumi for Knitting

Do any of you enjoy amigurumi for knitting? I’ve seen a couple of knitted amigurumi. Mostly, I see crocheted amigurumi - but my crochet skills are at a very beginner level and not ready for these toys yet. I bought a couple of knitting patterns from Jelly Bums. Just wondering if anyone else is into this and where you get your patterns. Thanks!

I’ve never made one, knit or crochet, but it’s on my “to do” list for '09. They certainly are adorable! Here are a few links for you:

Both are adorable… but I think I’ll start with the cherries first!! :slight_smile:

Those are soooo cute. My friend would love them. Now i must go on a search for more knitted ones as i can’t crochet. I’ve tried many times, but i just can’t get it.

Here’s another link for you:


This site has some adorable patterns. I’ve bookmarked it and plan to order soon!

SO adorable for Easter!! I’m gonna have lots of knitting to do!! Thanks for the link!! :woot:

That’s GOT to be the coolest collection of patterns I’ve seen!! I’ve digging the stackable cats!

Here’s a free one from Knitty:

I know what you mean about the stackable cats. My daughter wants me to make some for her. I want to get the pattern after pay day.

Does anyone know of a pattern book for amigurumi for knitting? All the ones I’ve seen are crochet. The knit toy books I’ve seen are sacharin sweet… I’d love more funky patterns like MochiMochiland ones above:)

So adorable!

Those are very cute! I’ve only done them in crochet (as I find it’s faster to whip out)…I’ll have to try it for knitting some time. I’m also “digging the stackable cats.”