Amigurumi advice

hey again guys,

okay so I’ve decided my next project is going to be a string of amigurumi. I have some bonbons in rainbow colors. I can’t really afford to buy big skeins of each color, and I am curious if there is a way to get larger amounts of yarn for less, or if I should be using specific yarn for smaller pieces. (not doing micro or anything.)

I wanted to see if anyone had any advice for good starter projects for this kind of thing. I think it will be educational but I am not sure what will be too complex and what won’t.

I’m not sure what would be good projects for you to plan. There are some really cute things on the Ravelry home page. Searching [I]amigurumi[/I] turns up 209 pages of patterns. (I tend to assume you’re knitting but amigurumi are frequently crocheted.) I think you’d want to narrow it down some. If you haven’t joined Ravelry yet, do. It’s free and safe, you won’t get spammed. I have so much leftover yarn from so many projects and I have yarn I’ve been given. My problem is, none of it seems right for anything so I go buy more. Those bonbons might be the best idea for you. If you have a JoAnn Fabrics and Crafts close by you can watch for coupons and get them cheaper, sometimes they’ll be on sale and that helps. Hobby Lobby and Michaels and other stores run sales and coupons too.

Yea I have a JoAnn fabrics in the town over from mine. I got two packs of bright rainbow bonbons on sale.

Crocheting is an option, I have a variety of hooks, I just haven’t successfully grasped it yet. I realize this is a knitting forum though, so I’m not sure how much help everyone can be on that.

My problem is, if I am remembering ravelry’s list correctly, stuff that says it is beginner can be very hard. I think that was the page I was looking into making an afghan from, (though the problem may have been knitting the back loop and you guys showed me I have been doing that the whole time.)

I’m almost done with my scarf but it is getting tedious to so a stockinette stitch so I figured I’d make a few of these things. Should I shoot for larger versions, or are tiny (not micro) ones like rabbits and fish and turtles doable by a beginner?

If you’d like I can throw some links in a post to get an idea what would be manageable for someone very new to all this.

Some links would give us a better idea of the kind of patterns you’re thinking of for the amigurumi. Some of the patterns can be difficult to get to work and to look good. They will definitely help with reading and interpreting patterns though and are certainly worth a try.

I’m working on a crochet afghan right now. I don’t think it will ever be finished. It’s the never ending project. No matter how much I work on it, it just doesn’t grow. :teehee: Actually it’s getting close to done. Others crochet too. There is a crochet forum here even, it doesn’t get used a whole lot but it does get used. You can ask and probably would get the help you need. I’d even tell you about a crochet forum I used to frequent if you wanted.

yea if you could link me that forum that would be awesome :muah:

does this look particularly difficult?

This part of the pattern (head and ears) is certainly straightforward enough. Check on the abbreviations to make sure that you know how to do the make 1, ssk, k2tog, and skpo. If you aren’t familiar with these procedures, check the Glossary at the top of the page here for some videos. Also, if you want to use 2 colors, check the tips for intarsia

This is a fun opportunity to learn something new and a very cute pattern.

The entire pattern is available from the Ravelry site or in a book. It’s probably similar as far as skills go.
Here’s a link to the crochet portion of KnittingHelp which is just down the main page.

okay so this post probably got pushed back and I hope it is okay if I use it to continue to discuss my progress.

I decided to finish the scarf before moving on but the stockinette stitch for something that big is tedious and I have run out of shows to binge watch while I knit. Also started a side blog that is labor intensive.

I decided to forget the scarf for now because I don’t want to stop knitting due to not wanting to do it because it’s a lot of fun. I picked out a very simple amigurumi pattern (the one I linked was pay) that is knitted. I’m going to work on that tomorrow after getting work on my blog done and I am excited about it. I think doing a ton of small projects may be preferable to big things, because I feel like I haven’t actually succeeded at making anything yet so it might provide a much needed confidence boost.

Sounds like a good idea. It’s often helpful to have two projects going, one easy and practically mindless and another more complicated. Good luck with the amigurumi.

I’ve done a few. I keep ALL my leftover bits, even if they’re only 12 inches long.
I’ve done some chickens that finish about 1 to 1 1/2 inches tall, including the comb. Tiny needles, (size 14?) they’re like knitting with toothpicks.
actually toothpicks are thicker. a bit fussy but really cute when they’re done.

It’d be great fun to see some of your projects. Photos, please, knitone?

please let me know if this works:

ok never mind.
I’m in idiot.

I might have to e-mail photos to someone.

See if this helps:

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I’m e-mailing them from my phone to my computer. then I download them to a file.
from there, they go to photobucket.
after that…

I’m lost in the ether.

how do I get them from photobucket to here? I’ve tried following the directions, but so far, not having success.

If you’ve got it on the computer then you can upload from the computer. That’s what I do.

I do the email them thing too, I found out a saved draft actually puts them in my computer email and I can d/l there; it has something to do with syncing gmail I guess.