America's Got Talent!

Has anyone else been sucked into this show? I’ve never liked American Idol, but for some reason this has been fun even though we only started watching it a month ago or so.


Never heard of it, but I sing like a bird.

Ever heard a buzzard?

I’m a sucker for all those darn reality shows. I love Cas and will buy his stuff for sure…but I actually voted for Terry. This seemed like his last chance at success when the others have bright futures ahead of them.

It’s been a fun show to watch and definately better than last season.

I, too, got sucked in to this show.

Loved Cas and loved the ventri…(can’t spell it). If one of them wins, I’m happy.

I’m with you Auburnchick! Can’t decide which one I think should win - they are both so very talented! :psst: [SIZE=1]but I think I am leaning toward the ventriliquist[/SIZE]

This is one of the few reality shows I really enjoy - can’t wait for next week to see who actually wins!

We too have been watching the show. We love it…it is the one show we really make an effort to watch together. Lastnight’s show was amazing. Everyone did a great job…we are a Cass Haley fan…it will be interesting to see you who wins because all four are talented in different ways! Hopefully those who don’t win will still have some wonderful opportunities ahead of them.


LOL Knitting_Guy!! :rofl:

I wanted The Glamazons to win :pout:

I like Cas next.