American Terminology

I have an American patter which uses the term WRAP. Can anyone tell me what this means in this means in terms of English knitting.

Please help me!!

Doctor Vock

Is this is rejerence to a short row. I have no idea what this would be called in english knitting. In American knitting you will see this written as W&T for Wrap and Turn.

If it is, it means that you are going to wrap the stitch by turning your work so that the opposite side will be facing you. Then you are going to put the yarn in front if your next stitch is a purl or in back if your next stitch will be a knit. Then you will slip the first stitch on the right needle onto the left needle, move the yarn to the opposite side, then slip the stitch that you slipped back to the right needle, then move the yarn back to the other side. Then continue with your stitches.

There is a video here in videos under Advanced Techniques that refers to short rows. There is an instruction in there on how to wrap.