American or English Style Knitting!

As a nearly newbie, I was woundering what you guys think is the best way to knit using The American way or English (Scottish for me) lol

The american way seems easier ???

As ive only started knitting, so it be too much trouble to change

And also for beginners it would good to know

This topic has come up several times. You have to go with what feels most comfortable to you. There are advantages to learning Continental (if you want to work with different colors of yarn).

I suggest that you search (on this board) Continental and English. You should be able to find a few threads where we’ve discussed this. There was a lengthy one not too long ago.

Isn’t American and English the same?
I think the two different types are English(aka the American way) and continental.

I knit english myself, that’s just the way I was taught.

Ah didnt know that, will check out the other posts, and try it both ways Thanks :thumbsup:

To quote my favorite knitting author, Elizabeth Zimmermann-

"There are 2 main ways of holding wool so as to form stitches. The first, which I use mainly, is called the German or Continental method, in which you hold the wool over your left forefinger and hook the stitch through with your right needle.

The second, which I use only in color pattern knitting, is called the American or European method, in which you hold the wool in your right hand and wrap (or “throw”) the wool under the right needle tip and draw it through to form the stitch.

It matters not one bit which one you use habitually, they both yield the exact same result. If someone gives you a comment that you are knitting “the wrong way,” shirk it off and continue on. They are dead wrong. Everyone knits a different way, and all are useful and pleasant.

No matter which one you choose for your main knitting, I strongly suggest you familiarize yourself with both methods, as it will be useful later on when you are knitting color patterns (as in Scandavian, Norwegian, or Fair Isle designs)."

That’s always been my opinon, too!

Yay, I love this debate! I call it German knitting because my German grandmother taught me- but it is also called Continental knitting. I know both German/Continental and English/American methods make equal results in the end, but since I originally learned to crochet first (and I am right-handed), I found the transition to German knitting easier because I was holding the yarn the same way with my left hand. So if you have done crochet first, you may find that German or Continental knitting may be easier for you to do since you are used to holding tension on the yarn in the same way.

Just my two cents, but I hope it may help you in your decision. :happydance:


:doh: There is NO best way. It’s what works for you best. Some say continental is faster, but unless you’re racing it’s no big deal and even debatable. :wink: