American Made Tri-Ply pots & pans?

Does anyone have a set of pots and pans that are stainless steel tri-ply made in the USA? I need new pots/pans in a bad way and would like to stick with USA made but all I can find is All-Clad. I love them but my budget does not. They will do close-outs and I could slowly add…but just wondering if there is something else out there someone would recommend.

I have cast iron fry pans, a dutch oven, crock-pot (not sure how I ever lived without this) and a stainless electric skillet so I want something with open stock b/c all I really need/want is sauce pans.

some other possibilities are some (not all) calphalon, some (not all) tramontina, and some (not all) american kitchen. there are also subset brands, like celebrity chef endorsed items, but as subsets, they’re made mostly by calphalon or tramontina. and you have to check the country of manufacture/origin, because even within a brand there are differences. calphalon and tramontina are often available at my local costco and macy’s. american kitchen is only available at bed/bath/beyond in my area. hope that helps :wink: