American idol!

Do you have a FAVORITE male singer?
Do you have a FAVORITE female singer?

What guy did you vote for last week? [B][COLOR=Blue](I voted for David Archuleta)[/COLOR][/B]
What girl did you vote for last week? [B][COLOR=DarkOrchid](I voted for Ramiele Malubay)[/COLOR][/B]

HERE is a link for the 24 Contests for Season 7!

My fav 2 female singers are:

  1. Carly Smithson
  2. Ramiele Malubay

My fav (just 2) Male Singers are:

  1. [B][COLOR=Blue]David Archuleta[/COLOR][/B] (I predict he will be the American Idol winner!)
  2. Michael Johns

American Idol is a program that you don’t have to send your kids to bed so you can watch! American Idol is entertaining and harmless! And actually quite good, too!

Ok for guys my list is
Michael Johns
Robbie Carrico
David Archuleta

The Gals was (although I think they were all sick and need another go about lol)

:happydance: I hope this is a good season…Last year was kinda boring or something…

Good choices! Even tho I didn’t list them on my FAVS…Alania and Robbie are great singers!!! It was so hard to decide!

Didja vote???

Here is my voting secret: as soon as I have a fav picked, I dial their number…get the busy signal of course…but then right after the last singer in the review sings his/her last breath…I hit redial. BINGO! My vote is through!

If I change my mind during the singers, I repeat the process and get my VOTE lined up! I don’t wait til the end to dial a number. I dial 'em as I go. My mind can be changed!
Last night I had dialed all 4 girls one by one…then finally decided on Ramiele! I figured she might need my vote more than the other 3, who will (I think) get landslides of votes!

I don’t know who my favorites are yet. It usually takes me a while to pick my faves. BUT, interestingly, there’s a good chance Robbie Carrico is related to me. We think he might be a distant cousin through my Great Uncle. The name, age and location all fit! :slight_smile:

Nah…I didn’t vote last night…I still want to hear more before I know for sure…I didn’t watch all the tryouts or Hollywood week so I was a bit shocked the guy living in the car wasn’t there last night…:teehee:

:happydance: Cool!

I’m not into Idolatry. :teehee:

:roflhard: Me either. Never could get into this show. :shrug:

I’m still in the admiring phase…cannot decide quite yet. I really like the rocker/nurse. I also like the Scottish lady (I believe she’s Scottish…she was the last one, I think).

Guys…I liked all of the rockers (surprising cause I’m so totally NOT a rocker chick). Oh, and I did not vote. I was finishing up a paper, so I had one eye on the TV, and my hands on the keyboard.

I only watched last season because Sanjaya was giving my hometown a bad name and I just had to watch the hilarity that ensued. He went to my rival high school (though, really, no one likes Todd Beamer High, so they’re pretty much everyone’s rival school)

You know what I like about American Idol the most?

[COLOR=Blue][B]It’s harmless! :cheering:[/B][/COLOR]

Same goes for the variety of Dance programs, one of which I watch is “So You Think You Can Dance??!!” It is sooo good! Better than American Idol in my humble opinion!

In a world filled with all sorts of horrid, gruesome TV…

singing and dancing can’t harm ya! It’s just a lot of fun to watch!

Not necessary, but not harmful. Not educational, but entertaining!

It keeps an old person young to keep abreast of singing and dancing!

I really like the way it showcases ordinary people with such amazing talent! My son and I talked about this on the way to school today. You just never know what kind of talent people have…people you pass on the street or see in the grocery store. I’m very appreciative of the gifts that God has blessed His children with.


What the heck is it with that show? I hate the thing and only watched part of the very first year. My sister is always calling me and asking, “Did you see Idol last night?” “Uh, no, I hate the blasted program.”

I agree it is a totally harmless show… it is one of the few shows that a whole family can sit down and watch together…

I thought most everyone did well… there were no really bad performances by the boys or the girls. I am still trying to figure out who I like the best… so I did not vote this week.

I agreed with the 4 that America sent home last night. They were talented young men and women…however, so were the remaining 20!

I thought Joanne Borgella’s comments were very gracious…when she said that although she may be going home, she agrees that the remaining 10 women are very talented, and she loves them all! :heart:

Joanne is a wonderful young woman! I think she’s one of the singers that has the flu!


We shall see! :thumbsup:

[COLOR=Black][B]Tonight is Guy’s Night again![/B] [/COLOR]:cheering::cheering::cheering:

I can hardly wait to hear [COLOR=Blue][B]DAVID ARCHLETA[/B][/COLOR]and[COLOR=Pink][B]MICHAEL JOHNS[/B][/COLOR]!

A 17 yr old and a 29 yr old! Shees! Big age difference!

Yep…I agree with you.

Darn! I didn’t get my vote in! The phone lines for David Archuleta were busy, busy, busy, busy!

Well, I guess that is GOOD for him!

I just love that boy to pieces. Everything about him. His voice, his youth, his charisma, his humility, his hair, his adorable eyes…well, he’s just got the whole package!

This gramma is SOLD! That boy ROCKS! :woot:

Well, I changed my mind tonight!

I voted for Carly Smithson, solely based on her performance!
Last week she was annoying…something about her facial contortions…I couldn’t bear to watch her!

But tonight, she was in the pink of things, and I actually enjoyed her performance BEST!

By ‘n’ large…I think there are only 3 worthwhile guy singers, but I think ALL the ladies are good singers…and cute and adorable on top of it!

My ladies vote could change from week to week. I have no money riding on a specific female singer.

Overall, Carly is probably the strongest, most solid, singer.

And of course, you know what I think about David Archuleta!

He will win the title of American Idol. :aww:

I won’t miss any of the singers that went home tonight, Feb 28th.

I am still banking my money on David Archuleta as [B]The American Idol!