American Idol - Was Sanjaya Wearing Fetching Tonight? PHOTOS

Did y’all NOTICE??? They were silver!

He actually did a better job tonight.

[size=1]How sad am I…writing a paper for class but still the reality TV queen…[/size] :teehee:

You gotta love the crying girl… :roflhard:

Newbie here. I’ve been lurking on the boards for the last couple of weeks.

I thought the same thing. Fetching gloves indeed.

HE HAS GOT TO GO. HE STINKS and with the girl crying oh please simon said it all look at the girl crying that says it all they showed more of her than of sanyja.

I think he was wearing Fetching. He sucks, and what in the heck was she crying for?

Caught up in the moment? Star struck?? :teehee:

She also cried during Melinda’s song.

I think she’s just overwhelmed with being there.

That’s probably it.

I saw that too! I had no clue what they were, but I knew it was a knitted somethingorother. :roflhard:

My 11 year old even caught! “Look mom, hes wearing something knitted!”

Smart child you have there!

You know, before my knitting days (when I was still an ignorant soul), I would not have noticed this.

Aaaaahhhhh, to be enlightened. Why the heck am I taking college classes when knitting does the same thing as Socrates?!


My brother came up to me, and said “Look, aren’t those the same gloves that you knitted?” :roflhard:

:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

Do I hear a Fetching KAL being organized? Preferably done in SILVER yarn???


Sorry…I’m really a very nice person IRL. :wink:

That’s the first thing I thought when I saw him :roflhard:

We were dying over the girl…like, what the heck is her deal? Is she laughing or crying? Sooo bizarre :roflhard:

Awww, I missed it! Does anyone have a pic or a link? I’d love to see the famous fetchings on TV! :teehee:

Let me see if it’s still taped. If so, I’ll take a picture of it and post.

Here are the pictures from my TV (sorry if they are a little blurry).



hmmm… more like dashing but with different ribbing :shrug:
he he he-- maybe he just pulled his sweater past his fingers…

Hmmm…I can’t tell the difference really…

But, perhaps he knitted his own??? :teehee:

I totally missed the Fetching! I’m going to have to search Youtube.

I think he’s cute. Don’t ask me why. And the crying girl was so funny!!! :roflhard:

In the close up picture I can’t see any cables like Fetching has. but yeah, every week when I turn this on, I’m amazed he’s still there. Yesterday I came to the conclusion that this had to be the result of Vote for the Worst. And indeed upon googling, I saw that he was their pick/target.