American Idol, anyone?

at least i can watch it tonight…provided, the kids co-operate haha

I love the aurdition shows because of the diversity shown. It takes a lot of courage to get up there and just let is all hang out - vocally speaking. I will also admit to watching only the audition show and then the finally. Everything inbetween just isn’t as interesting.

That’s what I do, too. Once they pick like the final 24 or whatever it is I generally stop watching until May, unless there’s a theme night or a guest judge that particularly interests me.

I am your brroOOtherrrr

we’re best friends fooor EEEEverrrrr


But hey, he loooooooooooves Simon!!! Wasn’t his shiny silver outfit with the fur hat wonderful? NOT!!! Some people will do anything to get their five minutes of “fame”. I felt sorry for the 16 year old coloured girl who cried at the end because she didn’t make it, she said “she just could NOT go back out there to her family and them knowing she did not make it”. It made me sad. It was nice that all the judges walked her out to support her efforts.

And what about “baby love my baby love” the one that’s husband would buy her records? They MUST be newlyweds cuz she can’t sing in the shower that one!!!

Why do people encourage people to do this when they know they can’t sing? It is such a shame!

My DD has a truly remarkable singing voice. She was on TV singing when she was younger, but not Canadian Idol or anything like that. I begged her to go on CI when it first came out, but she refused. She would have gotten somewhere. Had she not been able to sing though, I would not have encouraged her to go on national tv and make an a$$ of herself! I felt so bad for that little girl, I cried!

I am reminded again after watching that show last night why I watch, it’s to reinforce the idea that maybe I am normal afterall. There’s a lotta kooks out there!:zombie: