American Idol, anyone?

I have to admit, American Idol is one of my guilty pleasures. I know I shouldn’t watch it, especially the auditions, because all they do early on is ridicule people and laugh at them. But, as a singer myself, I have to wonder what causes most of these people to think they can sing. :aww: Like, is it conceit, is it denial, or do they really have a network of people around them telling them they’re amazing and they will surely be a star? So, I’m enjoying tonight’s episode and marveling at the talent (or non-talent).

Guilty pleasure here, too. I love the audition part - it’s so funny!

Oh, I don’t feel guilty a bit. I :heart: the show!

Quite funny tonight…as usual!

Any of you just see the big hairy guy in the Princess Leia metal bikini? :noway:

Is there a way to gouge out one’s own mind’s eye?


:roflhard: I’m still giggling. What a show.

I’m an AI sucker, too. I think some people audition just for the hopes of getting on TV. Getting one’s chest waxed for it, though???

Hey, I’d get my legs waxed…that would be a real screamer! :rofl:

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

I also enjoyed the chick with the princess leia hair, and the super glittery girl who pelted Simon with profanities. GAH!

My favorite tonight was the guy with the really deep voice who sang the church songs. He had Paula and Randy in stitches

And the guy who sang that stalking song to Paula…he was real strange. I’m surprised they didn’t kick him out sooner.

Nathalie, my parents and I loved that guy with the deep voice. He was hilarious! He reminded me of Andre the Giant.

Some of them, wow, how do you not know how much you suck?

:note: hair hair, go away, grow again another day :note:

That was just way too funny!

As for some of the others…can anyone be that tone deaf? How can the families stand back and encourage those people to fall flat on their faces like that? (I wish some of them had sung solo, so-low we could not hear them…)

I am still chuckling… “I think I want to give the finger to the camera, but I am going to leave with my dignity”!!! Yeah, right! Or how about “if I could legally moon you right now I would.” She thinks she is gonna be an actress? Or perhaps speak for the people one day? What people would let her speak for them? OMG!!!

And as for the Paula stalker, they need to keep a good eye on that dude!

OMG! He was CREEEE-PY. I hope they didn’t just let him go.

Oh, I almost forgot about the social worker who came on and sang his own song. :teehee:

Yikes, I missed it :frowning:

Rats, I missed it :help:

I had to mute that guy. I had a 10-year-old in the room with me. Had to mute the stalker, too. He was extremely creepy.

[COLOR=Red][B]I love “American Idol” :heart: [/B][/COLOR]

The stalker guy creeped me out…and I don’t know why Randy was laughing! When the stalker guy said he was going to sneak into Paula’s house when she’s not home and put on her underwear…I thought I’d puke.

The glitter girl called herself a ‘lady’…remember?..hmm…how quickly her manners evaporated when she was sent packin’.

The Princess Leah dork-girl was a [U]bad singer[/U]…hello, didn’t anyone tell her? Lots of bad singers are sent packin’…dorky or otherwise!
I liked her dorkiness [I]before she began running her trap[/I] about being cut from the auditions [U]because of dorkiness.[/U] Nooo little dork-girl…you [U]can’t sing[/U]…that’s why you are OUT.

I thought the judges (Simon especially) were on very good behavior tonight. Not unduly unkind nor ruthless in their (his) commentary!

My favorite female singer: the horse-ridin’, log cabin blonde from Oregon: Cristy Lee Cook! I hope she pans out!

My favorite male singer: the African-American guy with the short little dreds…or were they braids? Eye-candy, that’s what he is…with a velvet voice! I hope he pans out!

I guess I should have watched. I’m a big AI junkie but after the last couple of year’s winners I got disinterested. I might tune in again though, you guys have piqued my interest.

Oh my gosh, that glitter girl was AWFUL. And, the judges were so nice to her too, telling her how she should start a cover band. From the preview clips, I was expecting Simon to be at his worse, but he was nice! My family did get a kick out of how she wants to go into “actress-ing.” And how apparently Bon Jovi sang the song Allentown. And she wants to be a vet someday? I’d never let her near my cat.

And the Star Wars girl, entitlement much? Yeah, honey, the judges didn’t like you because you’re different, suuuurrre, just keep telling yourself that. I mean, doesn’t she remember how Clay Aiken looked when they first chose him? Or Taylor Hicks?

My company Christmas party was last night (we have it in January so more people would come!!!) so I had to TIVO AI. I cannot wait to watch it tonight.