American Goldfinch!

On my nyjer seed feeder! Yay! I’ve never seen one before! Dh (he’s infected with my bird obsession) tried to grab a photo, but it flew away.


My husband is obsessed with birds and squirrels.

We have Fox squirrels here. They’re so funny. :slight_smile: I throw peanuts out in our front yard - the blue jays love peanuts, too. :smiley:

We get chipmunks too. They are so cute. I have never seen an animal move that fast. They like shoot across the yard.

I saw chipmunks and golden-mantled ground squirrels in Rocky Mountain park.


Oh the ones near me don’t let you go near them. My kids want them as pets lol We have guinea pigs, sugar gliders, fish, a cat, and a dog. I think they have enough pets.

Holy…! I’m going insane with two elderly dogs and a cat. No more.

Eta: those aren’t my children. I’m not Mennonite. :wink:

They came back!!!