American Girl Poncho

Has anyone made this?

Just printed out the free American Girl poncho that my 6 year old loved. I NEVER knitted a poncho before. Reading the directions and it calls for size 9 circular needles and dpn’s. The directions for the pattern begins CO 34 stitches knit in k1p1 ribbing 4 rows, etc.

Do I begin with the circulars or dpn’s? and if circulars what size cord? I’m assuming the smallest?

Thanks, I’m really going to need some support with this one. :aww:

took me a couple minutes to find the pattern - I think this is the one you’re making?

I think if you use a 16 inch circular needle, you may not need to use dlb pts at all. You start out knitting flat, so use the circ needle for that. when you get to the point to join, I think they must be when she changes to the dbl pts. But you might not have to, expecially if you can use a modified magic loop w/just one loop.

Yes that is the American girl poncho pattern. Ok I’ll use the circular up to the join point. The magic loop is also something I have never experienced. So I’ll be back when it comes time for that.

Thank you for taking the time to look for the pattern and answering me.