Amelia Earhart Aviator Cap...HELP!

I’m trying to knit this:
I have an extra loop!..I’m not sure which increase I’m supposed to be doing…i did the first one…then it wants me to do another at the end…or am I just reading it wrong…please help!

It looks like you’re supposed to do a kfb (knit in the front and back of the first stitch; work 18 stitches in the ribbing.

Then you’re supposed to wrap the next stitch (the directions are in bold right below) and turn the work so you’re working in the other direction.

here are some pictures of what I have so far…are the extra loops to sew it up?

The hat is shaped by knitting what’s called short rows. You only knit part of the rows to make the center deeper than the edges, that’s why you have those loops.

When you do short rows. you work like this (just an example)

3- . …kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
2- . …kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
1- kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

The end stitches are not knit for as many rows as the center stitches. You’ll see it take shape as you go.

I just started that pattern too :slight_smile:

Further along in the pattern will be instructions to knit across the entire row or to do a k2tog. That will pick up the stitches at the ends and shape the hat.

I knit the hat; it turns out great!

When I did it, I kept the extra stitches on the needles and used stitch markers to denote where the last short row ended. That way I knew where I should stop knitting and turn the work. It makes things a lot easier :slight_smile:

There’s also a video in the ‘advanced techniques’ section. You don’t have to knit the wrapped yarn at the end - it still looks great without.

Hope this helps!

Thank you everyone! The hat is turning out nicely now that I know what I am doing!

I have also recently started this project. It’s a first for me…before now I’ve only ever made slippers and blankets so I’m a bit of a beginner. The pattern did not seem to be emerging for me at all. Could it be as simple as I should be using circular needles? Or am I missing something else?

No you can use straight needles with it, but because they’re not flexible, you won’t see the effects of the short row shaping until you pick up thoses stitches again which will be at row 30. Then it might take a couple more rows to see it.

I have a request for this had by a mother/daughter team. The daughter is only 3 but has a 19.5" head, mother has 22.5" head. How do I reduce the pattern to the daughters size??

Use smaller needles and thinner yarn, or cast on about 24 or 28 sts. The stitch numbers for the rows after Row 4 will be that many less too.

Used #6 needles and Berroco Comfort DK. Worked pattern with all stitches and as you can see, the size was not reduced. Will now try to reduce the number of stitches and see if it will come up small enough for the little girl version.

im from switzerland and i triet to do this very nice hat, but
i dont understand very good the first rows 1 to 3
can you not please me write the row much easer, so that i can
try it again… thank you very much and nice greatings irene

Hi and welcome to Knitting Help.
Row 1: this will be the wrong side, (k2 p2) is repeated across all sts. That’ll be 9 repeats of the instructions in parentheses. 36sts total on the needle.
Row 2: Knit into the front of the first stitch as usual but before you drop it off the needle, knit into the back loop of the same st. Then (P2, K2)8 times across, P2, W&T (there are directions for short rows or wrap & turn here. You’ll end with 37 st, total: 1 on left needle, 36 on right needle).
Row 3: K2, (P2, K2) 8 times, P2. (37 sts total)
The bolded directions are telling you how to do things or giving you tips on how to do the pattern.