Ambidextrous vs purling

I’m back with another question… I knit using the Continental method and purl using the Norwegian method. My purl stitches are looser than my knit stitches so I was wondering if there is any difference between purling and knitting ambidextrously. I think I’d have an easier time knitting ambidextrously and not turning my work than I would fretting over the tension of each and every purl stitch. Are there any con’s to the ambidextrous method?

Thanks for your help!


Like this? I always think of it as knitting backwards and use it sometimes rather than constantly turning the work to the back to purl, e.g. for entrelac. I don’t know of any reason not to and if it gives you a better, more even tension, why not use it? When the item is finished, no one will ever know.

Another thing you might try to even out your tension is using wood or bamboo needles. If you think you might like to go this route, sometimes local yarn stores will allow you to try needles before you buy them (but it’s usually an in-store-only test).

Thanks to both of you! I learned a lot with the video - guess I’ll have to decide if I’ll ever turn anything I knit like this - I can just see myself start one way and finish the other!

I already have 2 sets of bamboo needles and adore them! They make a huge difference just in general.


I do a mixture of everything. English knit and purl, Continental knit and purl, and Norwegian purl. I found it depended upon where I am in the pattern and the type of yarn. If I think there is too much of a difference in tension then I will change to one of the other methods. So far I find that with mercerized wool Norwegian purl works quite well. Wool so far seems all right as well. With plain cotton I can’t do Norwegian as it stretches out of shape too much. I want to practice purling with out turning as well so as to have more options