Amazon link from this site?

Am I right in thinking we could click on an Amazon link from this site so Amy would get a percentage of the profit from our sale? I need to buy a few books and couldn’t remember, and I can’t find a link.


I’ve not seen an Amazon ad on KH…but I may very well have missed it :wink:

I’ve not seen it either… :??

sometimes there are amazon links down at the bottom of the page in the Google ads but other than that I don’t think there is one. Don’t know how that works for her though.

Have you tried ? They are an independant book seller. You can feel good about buying from them and not feeding the big corporate amchine. and Powells has everything.

Oh poop. I can’t make the little link thingy happen. Oh well.

yer missing a www in there! :thumbsup:

:doh: Thanks

Thanks for the alternative to Amazon. Powell’s has the books i’m looking for too. :slight_smile: