I’ve already placed a couple of orders on amazon and they shipped with no problem. For some reason I just had to change my payment method for something and the “to be shipped” date changed. Again. It’s a pre-order. Is it normal for the shipping date on pre-orders to change so much, or could it be because I was asked to change my payment? Or does amazon really just not like me this time? :teehee:

Oh yeah, the first order I placed on Amazon was a pre-order shipped straight to my brother who has an APO box, and it actually shipped a couple days before the given date.

My guess would be that with a “pre-order”, the book, CD, or whatever hasn’t been released yet and the release date has changed. I doubt it has anything to do with your method of payment.

What did you order? A lot of times books have a “release date” but end up coming out later than originally expected.

Doctor Who Season 4. The release date already changed once, that was no big deal besides the fact that I want it [I]yesterday.[/I] :teehee: The strange thing is that when I changed the payment, the expected ship date had changed to Dec. something. The order date had stayed Nov. 1 (the date I first placed the order). When I looked at my list of recent orders, the expected ship date was the same as it was before. So now it has two separate ship dates. I really won’t complain if they send it to me twice. You can never have too much Doctor. I was just kind of curious if this was an common place thing with amazon.