Amazingly WONDERFUL bamboo needles

I am always looking for reasonable (read cheap) bamboo needles for my KIDS KNIT group. ( NO METAL NEEDLES AT SCHOOL) I purchased a set of 14 pair, 9", size 1-15 straights for $26.50 and DPN’s 10" and 12" sizes 7-11 (thats 60 needles) for $10.50 per set from this ebay seller

I paired the DPN’s up and used polymer clay to make “ends” for them, to use as straights. I even cut the 12" leftovers down to match the 10" leftovers … 30 pair for $21.00 !!! (They are all at school and I didn’t take a picture … what WAS I thinking) Eventually, the kids will make a pair of needles, but I like to start them out with a pair because they are so anxious to learn to knit. Also, once I have “knitters” and “learners” sanding needles is a good activity for those waiting for help :slight_smile:

Anyway … these needles are such good quality … the 9" straights went right into my needle case!!! They are wonderful for scarves or other projects when you don’t need LLLLOOOOONNNNNGGGG needles AND the size is very readable and printed on the top. She has every size and length of straights and DPN’s you would ever need. She also has bamboo crochet hooks!

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I just won some from her on saturday!!! i’m glad you like them. i haven’t got mine yet. how long did it take before you got yours? i was making mine for a minute but i REALLY like the bamboo and want some. i won 1-11 DPNs! :cheering:

They came really, really fast! I know you will LOVE them! I prefer bamboo, too :slight_smile: I tried metal DPN’s ONCE!!! As much as I like the interchangeableness of my Boyes, I find myself buying bamboo circs with my Joann’s and Michael’s 40% off coupons.

P.S. Thanks Mod Squad! :heart: [/size]

i know! the metal ones are just to slipper sometimes, like right now i am using a fancy type yand that is super soft and my metal ones keep slipping out!!! i wanted the bamboo interchangeables but the really are expensive… maybe one day!!!

Keep checking on Ebay for the bamboo interchangable needles…that is where I got mine, for $41! The woman who was selling them about 1.5 months ago had several sets she got from a place going out of business, and she had them listed on and off for about three months. I have not checked recently if they are still listed though.

I know one other person from here, and also a lady I work with got some…they are wonderful!


really? i saw some on there for $79!! i’ll have to check again! thanks for the info!

[color=blue] :cheering: I won a set on e-bay! I love bamboo and cords actually screw into the needles so you do not have to worry about them coming apart! yay!
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Wow! :thumbsup: You got a great deal on the needles! I’ll have to look at the seller’s items…I could really use some dpn’s!

After reading these posts I had to go to e-bay and check it out. Wasnt sure about bamboo so I went to Joannes and bought a 9" pair of bamboo needles. These are amazing! Way better than the metal ones. I think I’m going to order some off of e-bay too.

The woman I bought my bamboo interchangeable needles from on ebay has two more sets listed. They are starting at $38, or buy it now for $45. Both the woman I work with and me paid less than the $45, so try bidding! They are really nice.

On search, type in interchangeable knitting needles and right now they are the first two listed there.


Geez, I feel like a fool, Ijust paid $10.50 for ONE pair of dpns at my lys PLUS TAX!!! but I really needed them like today. I will go forth to this ebay seller and try not to be foolish any more.

thanks for the tip!

Thanks for sharing that info, Debbie! I like bamboo needles best too and am looking to expand my collection. I am now watching one of her auctions :thumbsup:

i love my bamboo dpns!!! no more slippy slide!!!