Amazing Swift - Good Price!

I just got the COOLEST swift on eBay!

Altogether, I only paid $27, INCLUDING SHIPPING!

It works great, and will hold several sizes of yarn skeins. I couldn’t be happier.

The eBay seller’s name is “theknitstore”.

Right now, he only has one swift left to sale. I guess he makes them one at a time, then lists them.

[COLOR=blue]Thanks for that info! I just ordered one for myself :thumbsup:[/COLOR]

Me too!

:?? I guess now I should buy a ball winder. I have been thinking about getting both of these for sometime now. Anyone know about a good sale on those?

Me too! :smiley:

You’ll be SO pleased with it, I’m sure! I have been smiling all day as I wind my hanks into cakes. Such an EASY swift to use!

I got my winder on eBay after patiently bidding for about 3 months. Mine was listed under the wrong category, and was called a “yarn spinner”. :teehee: (I’m a penny-pincher like that. I got my winder for about 12 dollars, including shipping.)

He just listed a different swift as well. (I guess he sees everyone buying right now.)

The other one is the “large” size, which will accomodate larger skeins.

This swift was delivered to me yesterday and I have a question for those of you that are using it.
I put it together as per the instructions that came with it, but the two swift arms move freely so they are not at right angles all the time.
So when I’m winding, the two swift arms move and end up laying on top of each other - therefore, the skein becomes loose and tangles. I tightened the cap nut by hand as instructed. Should I tighten using a wrench?

Any idea what I’m doing wrong?

Thanks for the help!