Amazing Sheep!

I thought this was super cool. Now I just hope the link works.

       Enjoy!   Jeanie

More like Amazing Dogs and Men with Expensive Toys! But very nice, very creative, and absolutely stunning. Thank you for the link!


I’m probably the only one who thinks this way (what else is new), but this is cruel–to sheep and dogs!

Dogs love to work, sheep are a bit, um, not-so-bright (unless you light them up :teehee:)

I saw this a while back and actually was thinking of it the other day. Couldn’t remember what it was called. Must be a psychic link as well as computer. :lol:

You are certainly entitled to think what you like.

Might I point out some facts, not to change your thinking, just your

Ingid got it right. “Dogs love to work” Anybody know why they love to work? First, for training purposes one has to appeal to the animals innate wish to please. This works for obedience and normal home life.

Second, training for any kind of field work, eg. hunting, herding, guarding, another innate instinct must be aroused. That’s the dog’s predatory nature that goes back further than man, yarn, and written history.

Humans have modified the dog’s predatory nature to get food and fiber for centuries. If you think that herding dog doesn’t enjoy chasing sheep under any circumstances - lit or not - you must realize that in their mind they are chasing something for dinner. I think they enjoy that a great deal. If the dogs are left with the sheep too long without supervision - well I don’t want to upset you more.

As to the sheep—they, of course run in fear . . . do we as people live in fear of anything? . . . I’ve used wool yarn and I know the sheep don’t come in and lie down to be shorn. However, if I were a wooly sheep and I had my druthers, I think I’d opt for being well fed, chased to green pastures in the sun, and submit to a haircut every spring rather than being a lamb chop!!

Yes, we’ve owned working dogs before–I know they love to work, but I still think that this needless herding of sheep around just to take some video is not very nice to the sheep or the dogs.

No one else has to agree with me, though!