Amazing Kids

I just can’t stop watching this video. The kids are fantastic and sound incredible. It’s such a beautiful song too.

Be sure and check out the other songs they’ve posted on youtube!


who is it??? they’re great!

nvm, I found it… ps22 in Brooklyn. They’re amazing, I checked out their blog and all that. I want to play this for my kids at school, maybe it will inspire them to quit screwing around during rehersal.

Holy crap! That is amazing! What is the website?

The group is fabulous…and the soloist is AMERICAN IDOL material in a few years!!

You can click the YouTube at the top of the video box and it will take you to YouTube. At YouTube there are lots of other videos posted by this choir!

Thanks for posting the link ArtLady! I totally forgot I didn’t post who they are etc.

I just can’t get this song and the kids out of my head. It’s such a soulful rendition. So beautiful.

Holy cow, they’re singing harmonies and everything, and they just learned the song? That’s amazing. :slight_smile: